5/22 Report Cards and Last day June 1st

5/8 Open house on April 17th Thursday

4/5 No School Friday April 6

3/22 AR goals due 3/23

3/22 casual dress & 3:15 dismissal on Friday 3/23

3/15 Map #6 tests will go home Friday

3/13 Picture proofs went home today.  Please send your order in if you would like to purchase any pictures.

3/7 BREAKFAST Anyone who is getting free or reduced lunch also can receive breakfast.  We encourage you to take advantage of it.  Free lunch=free breakfast, reduced lunch students only pay 30¢.  Stop in the lunch room bewteen 8:30 and 9:00 to pick up and eat your breakfast.

3/6  ISAT 3 ISAT tests down!  My kids so far are doing great and I am proud of their positive spirit.  We will celebrate on Friday with a bubble party outside!  The weather shoud be great for it!!

2/22 LATE SLIP COUNT Last day for Late Slip Count was last week!!!  Icecream sundae party for those who had 5 or less late assignments for the 2nd trimester!

2/22 NO NAMES I will be attaching No Name Slips to the Monday notes starting this week. There have been way too many papers handed in for credit with no names (last assignemnt 11 out fo 24).  This is not only difficut for me to keep track of, but it affects final grades.  Reminders are given every time a paper is handed out and again before everything gets turned in.  Right now they are just reminders, but soon may turn into card changes if you have too many.

2/21 LOVE AND LOGIC Two social workers in the district will be starting Love and Logic Parenting Groups (English and Spanish) at Orchard Place School on March 1 for seven weeks. Flyers will be posted by the main entrance of the school.  The cost is $8.00 for one workbook. 

2/17 TELLING TIME A few of you were sent home packets on Friday to work on telling time at home.  For some it may just be a quick review as a reminder, and for others it may take a while to master it.  But either way, it was worked on with tutors and now needs to be finalized at home for further understanding.  Thank you for your time!