Mrs. Jen's Jumpin' Jaguars

Class Rules                               Monthly Newsletter                                      

In our class we have:                                                              I would provide the link to my newsletter

Walking Feet                                                                            here.  I wasn't able to do this here because

Kind Hands/Words                                                                I do not have it on the web.

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 Email the Teacher                  Homework                                                                              Week of:

Phone: 850-936-6040                                                          Dec 5-9 math lesson 4.5 through 4.8

Weekly Lessons                       Class Schedule

Week of:                                                                                    7:15-8:30  Arrival/ skill builders

Dec. 5-9                                                                                     8:30-9:15 Small group/ AR reading

Math--Addition and long addition                                       9:15-10:00 Whole class/Story carpet

Language-- Spelling list and vocab words                          10:00-10:40 PE

Reading--Magic Tree House                                                  1045-11:15  Lunch/bathrooms

                                                                                                      11:15-12:05 Math/skill building

                                                                                                      12:05-12:40 Library/Individual assignments

                                                                                                      12:40-1:15 Review/literacy games

                                                                                                     1:20 dismissal/buses