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My Favourite Rainy Day Activities for Early Years Classes


I love outdoor play, but during the rainy season and winter, I have some go-to options for excited little learners. Here they are!


  1. Build towers with blocks, toys, boxes, or any stackables you have. This is great for fine motor skills and learning about shapes. Have a contest of the tallest,
  2. How about a guessing game? I like to challenge little ones with their reasoning and observation skills with a picture guessing game like this one.
  3. If the weather is stormy outside, you could teach children about the science of weather. Learn about rain and the seasons together.
  4. Arts and crafts always go down well, since they are hands-on and creative. How about making some adorable woodland animals from paper?
  5. Hide objects around the classroom and have a scavenger hunt, encouraging kids to work together.
  6. Build a blanket fort and watch a family movie or educational TV show. How about an inspiring nature documentary?


I'll add more as I think of them, enjoy those cosy days indoors together.