Ready to Learn

   Ready to Learn my ABC's




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 * I can say the ABC's and associate letters with sounds. *



    Read Aloud-Chicka Chicka Boom Boomsmiley

    Dr. Seuss's ABC Booksmiley



     ABC song with ELMOsmiley 

           ABCs with sign languagesmiley

          Alphabet Letter and Sound Songsmiley



        Letter Names and Soundssmiley

         Trace Letters and Numbers to a Beatsmiley



   Ready to count to count and write numbers


Image result for numbers 1-20 kids


     *I can count and count write numbers up to 20*




         Little Monster-Count to 20smiley



          Counting Song- Fun!smiley

        Counting 1-10 with Sign Languagesmiley



         Connect the Dots 1-20smiley

         Count the Birthday Candlessmiley




     Ready to name the colors of the rainbow!


Image result for colors kids


         * I can name all of the colors I see!*



    The Day the Crayons Quitsmiley



             Colors of the Rainbow Song-Sign Languagesmiley

            Blippi Color Songsmiley



    Shapes and Colors Bingosmiley

     Fuzz Bug Color Sortingsmiley