Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Evaluations

Observations with Mrs. Susan Wenzel-Myles


Clinical Practice Evaluation #1 (1/30/2020)


Clinical Practice Evaluation #2 (2/28/2020)


I have not been able to complete my third or fourth evaluation at this time. I have sent my GCU supervisor as well as my cooperating teacher two separate videos as well as lesson plans to get feedback for my final observations. Below, I will explain a bit about each video and what the GCU supervisor and cooperating teacher will be assessing. I will be able to upload them as soon as I receive them back.


Video One: This video was on a math lesson. One of the things the students are learning is how to tell time using the hour and half hour. In this video, I had images of both a digital clock and am image of an analog clock. I had the analog clocked laminated so I could go over multiple times. I then explained that the long hand stood for the minutes and the short hand stood for the hours. I related it by telling the students that the word minutes was longer than the word hours so that it why that hand is longer. I then went on to explain that if the minute hand is putting up, or to the twelve, then it will be o’clock. I provided examples of different times (Ex: (9:00, 6:00, 3:00, etc) I then gave the students time to work on their own clock while I asked questions. Finished the lesson out by explaining time to the half hour.


Video Two: This video was a reading video. I provided a book to demonstrate for the students and went over contents of the book such as the table of contents, glossary, and headings. I started by explaining what each one was and where it could be found in a book (if it had one). I related this information to books we had read in class before for a prior knowledge connection. Finally, I invited the students to find books in their home and show someone in their own the parts of the book that we found in the video.