Ms. Jessica Nicolosi

Hello! My name is Jessica Nicolosi! I am a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University with my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree. I got married in 2015 and had my first child in 2016. My daughter was the push I needed to go back to college and finish the path I started many years ago. Some of the things I like about school are the new things I learn and the friends I have made. Some of the things I have found challenging were my math classes and just trying to find the time in to get things done.

I have worked many odd jobs throughout my career history. I currently work as a self-employed daycare provider and get paid through my state. I like that I am pretty much always busy with this job. Makes my day go by faster. My end goal with this program was to get my degree and become a second-grade teacher. 


In my free time, you can usually find me studying, cleaning, reading, doing laundry, cooking, working, or playing with my daughter. When I was younger my father was in the military, so I have done a lot of moving in my lifetime. I currently reside in Illinois but am mobing to Florida in July. I would someday love to travel to as many places as I can. I want to see all that the world has to offer! 


I obtained this degree not only for myself but for my daughter. Getting my degree and becoming a teacher will be one of the greatest moments in my life as I have wanted this since I was a little girl. Just never had the motivation to do it. I am excited to get my own classroom and see where life takes me. Below is a little bit about how I feel about teaching!



  • I believe the children are our future... I believe that each student can contribute something one of a kind and exceptional to the world. I will help kids build up their potential by having faith in them. I will help students find their identity, so they can express their own feelings and support their own thoughts. I have a dream of a world where individuals figure out how to accept, respect, and comprehend the difference between us, as the center of what makes life so entrancing.


  • Teach them well and let them lead the way.... Each classroom exhibits a one of a kind group of students that changes in capacities, as well as in learning styles. My part as an instructor is to give students the tools with which to develop their own wheel house of learning. To achieve this objective, I will teach to the personal needs of every student with the goal that all students can feel proficient and productive. I will provide educational programs that includes the interests of the students and makes learning applicable to their lives. I will provide subjects that incorporate group work, individual work, and hands-on learning keeping in mind the end goal to make kids active learners.


  • Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride... My classroom will be a thoughtful, innocent, and impartial condition where every student can grow and develop. I will enable students to be responsible individuals from our classroom group by utilizing procedures, for example, class gatherings, positive teach, and popularity based standards. In demonstrating to student’s industry standards to end up noticeably in charge of themselves and additionally their own learning, I am giving them the tools to wind up noticeably effective in life, to put stock in themselves, and to love themselves.