Consumer Health

Clorox Classrooms

This is a website sponsored by Clorox that has various activities, tips and cleaning procedures that can be used in a classroom to ensure everyone stays healthy. There is also a place where you can sign up to recieve newsletters to stay informed about new lesson plans and cleaning proecdures. This is a good website for a teacher to have because it offers various information fighting germs and keeping the students in a classroom healthy. 


Germs in the Classroom

This is a 7 step article that informs teachers and parent show t ofight germs in the classroom. It is important to fight germs because colds and illness can cause a student to miss valuable class time. "There are ways that teachers, parents and students can work together to battle germs in the classroom."


Resources for Teens

These are a bunch of different links for teens where they can find answer to their different health problems. Having a handout with these links on it would be a good resource for a classroom and could be tied into a unit somehow.


Living Healthy

 This is a basic website for teachers and schools about older and early aged teens. The site covers general health and what it takes to live healthy. Some of the topics include: drug and smoke free, sexual health, and mental health. This website would be a great resource for any school wide activities the district would like to take part in dealing with living healthy.

"Welcome to Living Healthy This is our opportunity to keep you informed about the interesting and creative strategies students, teachers, families and communities are carrying out to make our schools a healthy place to learn.

The website contains information about new and ongoing programs focusing on healthy eating, active living, and living smoke-free. We have also included resources and links to information and education tools of students, teachers, parents and community partners"