Mrs. Gillon's Website

Hello (Bonjour) and Welcome (Bienvenue)


My name is Jaimee Gillon and I am in the midst of fulfilling my lifelong dream in becoming an AWESOME secondary English and French teacher!

Currently, I am working at a charter school in Dearborn Heights where I teach FRN I, Language Arts 7, ENG 11, and ENG 12.  My first year of teaching was an exciting one, filled with struggles and triumphs.  I really learned a lot and look forward to improving my practice with each year.  I am truly grateful to have such a worthwhile experience and look forward to the new challenges that still await me!

Through this website, I hope readers will learn more about me, my philosophy on education, and my previous experiences.  

Happy Reading and if you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to contact me!  Information about where you can reach me is found on my contact page.