Brief Biography

Let me try to sate a bit of your curiosity by giving a brief autobiography.


I am the oldest of four girls.  My family is truly important to me and I try to see them as often as I can.  My sisters are incrediblely gifted, intelligent, and beautiful girls.  


My family and I moved to the small town of Almont when I was in the ninth grade.  It was a big change from the fast-paced and busy lifestyle of Sterling Heights.  I had to adjust to not having a mall within a mile radius and learning how to drive on dirt roads as well as the culture of a small town.  Although hesitant at first, I learned to love the small town for its quirks.  

 Upon graduation, I headed off to East Lansing because I was set on becoming a Spartan at Michigan State University.  (GO GREEN!)  I changed my majors several times but after I took my first teacher education class, I marched into the counselor's office and told her I had made my final decision.  It's something I'll never regret!  The four years I spent here as an undergraduate were filled with late night study groups, fair trade meetings, campus plays, long hours in the library, endless papers, and jumping to support our basketball team!  

 For my internship, I was placed in Lansing's Everett High School.  I spent a wonderful year here being mentored by two amazing educators who continue to inspire me.  I was lucky enough to teach two honor's world literature classes (11) and two American Literature classes (10).  The students were patient enough with me as I tried out new techniques and worked on my discipline policies.  I truly miss the school and students.  

 Last year, I taught for a charter school in Dearborn Heights.  I felt like I really learned a lot this year during my first full year on my own.