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Social Studies - Gr. 3 Living Things General Science

Interactive Math
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Moon Area and Perimeter Reading NCS
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Circuit Builder A virtual space to build a circuit.

Learning Electricity & Circuits Interactive activity with worksheet and quiz. 

BrainPop Another great movie and activity. 

Revise Wise Great information with activity, worksheets and quizzes.

Teach-nology Scroll through these options to find print-outs for your bulletin board, information on electricity and magnetism, worksheets, and downloads.

Electric Plant-Virtual Tour Take a virtual tour of an electric plant to see how electricity is made. 

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits A wonderful place for kids to learn about electricity, circuits, switches and more. First you take a tour, then complete an online activity and finally take a quiz.

Energyquest A great site with information, games and more!





Life Cycles


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Listen to Eric Carle read his famous story


Life Cycle of a Butterfly Click on the links to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly


Life Cycle Game See if you can complete the life cycle!


Life Cycle of Butterfly You Tube Puppet Show















1. Houghton Mifflin Education Place - - Language arts games from Houghton Mifflin – Grades 2 – 5

2. Game Goo - - Language Arts - Lots of interesting games for grades 1 - 3

3. Reading Is Fundamental - - Read aloud Story for Read Across America

4. Storyline - - Awesome little site that has stories read by famous people.

5. Clifford Online - - Clifford the Big Red Dog stories read online

6. Read, Write, and Think Activities - - excellent activities for all grade levels














1. Fun Math Lessons - - Rice University with Cynthis Lanius

2. Explore Your Knowledge - – a math quiz that allows you to compare your score with students around the world

3. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -  - has 65 interactive math games and exercises tied to the NCTM st

4. Multiplication Games - - variety of games to practice facts

6. Flitting With Fractions - - basic beginning fraction game

7. Budgie Buying - - great problem solving game with money

8. I Know That - - great site for geometry review - includes flips, slides, and turns


10. Guess My Number - - great number sense game for the younger children

11. Math Playground - - Interactive math games for grades 3 - 5

12. Mavis Math Mysteries - - Test math skills and crack the cases. There are multiple math activities grouped according to skill and difficulty.

13. Pattern Blocks Activity - - Great interactive pattern blocks for reviewing symmetry and shapes

14. AAA Math - - this sight has practice on a multitude of math skills divided up into grade levels


15. Math Is Fun - Great for homework help - (Thank you Mrs. Bouressa)






















General Science



Science Site - - excellent plate tectonics, rocks, moon phases, genetics

Edheads - - Great site for simple/ compound machines, weather, surgery (Grades 3 - 5)
















Social Studies

1. Democracy Project - - has many parts including President for a Day and an excellent explanation of how local government works

2. Mayflower Project - an excellent field trip to the Mayflower

3. Plimoth Plantation - You Are the Historian - - This site gives students a true explanation of the first Harvest Celebration

4. Life in 1620 - This site allows the children to compare and contrast an early colonists life and a Wampanoag's life in 1620

5. Ben's Guide to US Government

6. Massachusetts for Kids Homepage

7. Archiving Early America: Movies

8. The Freedom Trail

9. Be a Powder Monkey -

10. Webrangers History Activities -

11. The Betsy Ross Homepage

12. You Be the Historian/Learn about a colonial family




















Living Things

1. Revise Wise -  Excellent interactive on what makes a living thing and classification.

2 Animal Games-   -Excellent games about anumals and classifications

3. Sort It Out -  - Short movies and quiz on animals to test classification and observation skills. Also has a very unusual Venn diagram

4. Living Things - - Interactive Game that allows you to learn about characteristics of Living Things.

5. A Day in the Life of a Sand Lizard Game - - Excellent interactive game on animal survival

6. Animal Habitat Game – Save the Black Footed Ferret –














Animal Adaptations

1. Natureworks - - good short site that explains animal adaptations over time. Also has a short quiz. Must be teacher directed


2. Scholastic Animal Adaptations - - teacher directed, animals: shark, artic fox, raccoon, and bear

3. Animal Adaptations E-Safari - - good interactive lesson explaining adaptations with worksheet…children look for specific answers to adaptation questions


4. Camouflage Field Book - - short interactive activity that shows how animals are camouflaged in different environments

5. Fantastic Forest - - Neat interactive forest in which you find 18 animals

6. Habitat Game -  – Very cool habitat game that discusses adaptations

7. Darwin and Animal Adaptations - - Small web quest that allows the students to become naturalists and investigate an animal clues.

8. Creature Feature -


















Life Cycles

1. Life Cycles - - Neat interactve game that allows students to put life cycles in order...butterfly, ladybug, fern, and mosquito

2. The Web of Life Story - - great introductory story



Food Webs

1. Food Webs - - quick activity that allows you to create three food webs

2. Interdependence and Adaptation - - Sorting activity and creation of two food webs



















1. Solids, Liquid, Gas - - a science clip to show changes of state

2. Harcourt School - States of Matter - - Simple interactive to show the three states of matter

3. Materials - - Nice little interactive with an activity, quiz, and worksheet


4. Quia - Quiz Sates of Matter – States of Matter Millionaire game

5. Abpischools - Solids, Liquids, Gases - Range 7-11&subject=Science little movies about solids, liquids, and gases

6. Ippex interactive Matter - - advanced interactive on matter. More fifth grade.




















Human Body, Bones, and Health

1.  Fossil Web - Human Body - - Put the skeleton together. 

2. Kid's Health - - Excellent site with movies about all the body systems

3. Energy Challenge -  – find out how much energy is in the food that you eat.

4. Kids Health - - very extensive site on kids health including the body, feelings, exercise and nutrition

5. Kidnectic - - Click on the body part, drag it into the body, and learn about it game.

6. My Pyramid Game -




Science Sites for Teachers

Science Visualizations: A wonderful set of short animations and videos coving many science topics 

Discover Primary Science Movie clips, interactive games & activities.

Engineering Interact Interactive science & engineering activities. Topics include electricity, light, sound & forces in motion. A great site for MCAS review  

BBC Revise Wise Science - Grades 4-5 Each of the topics below looks at the different topics you need to know. We suggest you start with an Activity by clicking on the buttons next to each topic.

BBC Bitesize Science-Grades 2-3 Each topic has information, an activity and a quiz.


















1.  NEO K – 12 Solar System for Kids - - great resource for games, videos, and lessons

2. Amazing Space - - Really neat interactive game that lets kids choose a card and then try to identify what object in space it is

3. NASA Solar System for Kids -  -  Great site for basic solar system site, great for research and pictures, some interactive, good info on space station

4. Solar System for Kids -

5.Astronomy for Kids - - very simple site on astronomy – basic PowerPoint slides with pictures and facts

6. Welcome to the Planets - - Very nice site with lots of information especially if you were doing a planet report

7. - Windows of the Universe – Excellent cite with beautiful graphics, also has three levels which lets it be a great site for many levels. Under games there is a cool coloring book that the children can color online.

8. National Geographic Solar System -
Interesting videos

9. Astronomy for Kids -
























1. Harcourt Land Forms

2. Animated volcanoes, earthquakes, and more

3. Tsunami/Earthquake Interactive

4. Rock and Soil Game

5. Rocky the Rock Hound

6. Field Trips

7. Quiz on Landforms

8. Enchanted Learning Landforms -

9. Interactive Landform Map of the US

10. Landform Game from Brainpop - You could play this with the class in the Mimio if you log on to Brainpop

11. School Media Landform lesson - really great movie, games, quiz, etc













United States - Individual State Information

1. Zoom School - - state number, capital, major industries, rivers, bird, flower, tree, and good state picture

2. Kidspace - Just the facts

3. Fact Monster. Com - people

4. Info Please - Facts, large cities, famous people

5. 50 States. Com= - Fast facts, large cities, presidents, biographies

6. Atlas. Com - - State Natural Resources

7. World Almanac for Kids - - excellent state information

8. States Game -




























Ellis Island Interactive Tour -





















Rocks and Minerals -


1. Rock Hounds with Rocky - - interesting website covering the many aspects of rocks and minerals. Includes pictures, interactive, and quiz

2. Fast Facts about Rocks and Fossils - - great animation on how the three types of rocks are formed.


3. Wicked Science Rock Cycle - - animated rock cycle with three different types of rocks

4. This Planet Really Rocks - - great think quest activity that takes you through many of the state standards on rocks and minerals


5. Mineral Matters - - great website for learning about the ways to identify rocks and minerals – ie: hardness, streak, luster

6. Interactive Rock Cycle - excellent

7. Brainpop Movies - - – Rock Cycle – Types of Rocks – Mineral Identification

8. Geomysteries - - fun little rock fact and activity site

9. Rocks and Soils -

10. Rocks for Kids- Find out about the three types of rocks


11. Interactive Rock Cycle -This website has several animations that demonstrate how rocks are formed. There is also an interactive quiz which allows students to print a copy of their completed quiz.

12. Mineralogical Society of America's Site for Kids- Learn about mineral groups, the rock cycle, or Ask-a-Mineralologist your "rocky" question on the Mineralogical Society of America's site for kids.






























Holiday Links


1. - Tic, Tac, Toe, Decorate the Christmas Tree, and Santa Puzzle. This site also has quizzes about various holidays

2. - 3 games to play - Concentration, Word Search, and the Nutcracker Game (similar to "Wheel of Fortune"

3. - Many holiday activities for children


5. - A great look at Hanukah traditions

6. - The Dreidel Game Online

7. - More Hanukah activities and songs

8. - Design and print a gingerbread house

9. Listen to Hedgie's "I Love to Read" book -

10. Decorate a Tree -

11. Miracle Lights...Hanukkah Video -

12. Hanukkah Games -




Veteran's Day

11. Veteran's Administration for kids -
Great site especially for grades 1 - 3.


Columbus Day

12. Christopher Columbus - - Great little movie biography and short quiz on Columbus









18. Cute assortment of Halloween Games for Kids

Thanksgiving - Fun Activities


 Easter Fun







St. Patrick's Day

1. St. Patrick’s Day Fun -

2. St. Patrick’s Day Games -

3. St. Patrick’s Day Word Search -

4. St. Patrick’s Day Coloring -

5. Black Dog’s St. Patrick’s Day -











American Revolution

1. American Revolution Think Quest - - excellent site divided up into major events, lifestyles, battles, people

2. Liberty – PBS - - sample newspapers of different events, timeline, life in the colonies, military perspective

3. Liberty’s Kids - - great site to find information at a grades 3 – 5 level, has games, interactive movies, and a create a newspaper section – The newspaper could be an activity for either Grade 3 or 5

4. Ben’s Guides to U.S. Government - - has historical documents, and other activities that explain the U.S. government

5. Shot Heard Round the World Movie - - excellent short movie on the beginning of the American Revolution

6. American Revolution Movies -

7. Paul Revere’s Ride -


















1. Star Child - - listen to the presentation report about the moon

2. Interactive Moon Map - - Lists the names of the different parts of the moon

3. The Moon - Enchanted Learning - - short little quiz on the moon

4. EL – Moon - report on the moon

5. Space Day - = - use the interactive moon phaser to see how the phases of the moon are REALLY created

6. Day and Night Views- - Really neat interactive for a whole month showing day, night, and the phases of the moon day by day

7. Lunar Cycle Challenge - - put the pictures of the moon in order challenge – has 3 levels and sound– scored online

8. Phases of the Moon - Interactive phase viewer with one paragraph of text. It allows the students to control the movements of the moon.

9. Moon Phases - Big Kid Science - - excellent for Grade 5


10. Wonderville - - Interactive movie about the phases of the moon


















1. AAA Math - - basic fraction site – ¼

2. Virtual Manipulatives - - Fractions Naming, Parts of a Whole, Fractions – Visualizing

3. Learning Box - - Flower Fraction Game

4. Cool Math - - What are fractions?

5. Visual Fractions - - additional practice with fractions

6. Harcourt - - Fraction Match Game

7. Schoolhouse - – nice little quiz with scoring on fractional parts

8. Webmath - you type in a fraction into the boxes provided, the website will show you what your fraction means using the picture of a pie.

9. Shade - Shade in the correct amount of units to equal the fraction by clicking on the unit.

10. That Quiz - fraction identification

11. Fractions Introduction - - Great grade 2 introduction to fractions game

12. Fishy Fractions Game - - The children are given a written fraction and the pelican needs to choose what fraction is needed. Great grade 2 & 3 activity for fraction review.

13. Fraction Hotlist - - many different fraction sites and games



Fractions - Grade 5 Only

Fractions – Reducing to the Simplest Form Practice

1. Simplifying Fractions -

2. AAA Math -

4. Visual Fractions -

5. Math Maven Fraction Mystery -

6. Least Common Multiple -

7. Adding Fractions -


Fraction Practice

1. AAA Math - Fractions Unlimited Interactive Practice Explanations and Examples Challenge Games ... Multiplication by Integers ? Multiply Mixed Numbers. Reducing Fractions

2. EZ Fractions - Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide fractions - Help tools are on the site to give students every tool necessary for performing operations with fractions as easy as it has ever been!

3. Fishy Fractions - Select the topic and catch the fish with the right answers.

4. Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop - great interactive game on fractions.

5. FUNBRAIN: Fresh baked fractions - Fresh Baked Fractions is a game to practice simplifying fractions.

6. Multiplying and Reducing Fractions









1. MCAS Math Prep -

2.  Grade 3, 4, 5 MCAS Review -    

3.  Grade 5 Reading Comprehension Practice -

4. FCAT Express - - Reading Comprehension and open response questions -

5. Quia Class Page - – list of many comprehension quizzes including author’s purpose

6. Grade 5 Language Arts Skills - - hotlist

7.  Read Story and Answer Questions - Grade 3 and Grade 5 teachers will find this web site created by Harcourt School a valuable resource when preparing students for Reading Comprehension. The format is similar to what students can expect to see on the Virginia Standard of Learning tests. The Shockwave Plug-In is required to play.



















Math Fact Practice

All Facts


Fact Dash - - Go to the bottom of the page and choose "Fact Dash". This can be used for practicing all math facts. Leveled and scored

Multiflyer - - exciting multiplication game

Multiplication.Com - (DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE NAME!) - - Many interactive games for practicing ALL math facts

Math Magic - Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Math Magician - Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication facts by number

Power Football - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Soccer Shootout - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions - SpaceyMath

A free math facts practice game to play online. This web-based learning game will help improve your addition, subtraction, multiplication

Quizville - - Many math choices - each quiz is scored for you -

Math Playground - - flashcards

Math Fact Cafe - -



Amble web Addition Machine - . - three levels of fact practice

Math Mastery.Com - - timed addition fact quiz

Addition Surprise - - Addition Chart - drag the numbers to the chart to uncover a picture.

Math Playground. Com - - Addition fact timed practice

Addition -

Addition Machine - Practice addition facts

Speed Grid Addition 1 - Addition Level 1

Speed Grid Addition 2 - Addition Level 2

Speed Grid Addition 3 - Addition Level 3

Play Kids Games . Com - - many little games to practice addition facts under math

Dositey .Com - - counting and adding game with bugs




A - Plus Math (Subtraction)-

Speed Grid Subtraction 1 - Subtraction Level 1

Speed Grid Subtraction 2 - Subtraction Level 2

Speed Grid Subtraction 3 - Subtraction Level 3



A - Plus Math (Multiplication)

Multiplication Machine - Practice multiplication facts

Multiplication Times Table and Grids - Practice multiplication facts

Speed Grid Multiplication - Multiplication

Math Invaders -





Sum Sense -

Fun Brain -

A - Plus Math (Division)

Division Machine - Practice division facts

Math Invaders -























Grade One and Two Math

1. Sum Sense - - given cards the children make an addition problem

2. Creating Math Problems - - cute

3. Save the Apples -

4. Find the pictures - Do the sums to uncover the picture.


5. Paintbrush Math - each color is a different answer, solve the addition problems to paint the picture

6. Math Dojo - Kick box your way to the top!

7. Add two one-digit numbers using a Quia matching activity

8. Pattern Block Activity - – creating pictures with pattern blocks

9. . Geometry Workbench - – Identify shapes

10. Pattern Block Activity 2 - - creating pictures with pattern blocks

11. . Storyplace Shapes - - finding shapes in pictures

12. Counting Money -

13. Counting Money from Harcourt -

14. Money Desk - Drag coins to total the amount of money asked for.

15. SpacyMath - One must sign in, but you can use the same log on for everyone in the class. Choose from addition or subtraction.















ESL – This site translates who sentences from English to Portuguese. - English to Portuguese Quizzes - Basic games that let you listen to a word in English and match it to the picture - Many activities for ESL students – What to do FIRST!















Math PowerPoints -

All Subject Areas -

All Subject Areas -

Grade 5 Math -







 Whiteboard Activities  

1. Topmarks Interactive Whiteboard Activities

2. - A selection of sites which work well on interactive whiteboards in the primary classroom - Topmarks Education

3. BGfL - Whiteboards - Foundation Communicating -

4. K-3 Interactive Whiteboard Activities -

5. Smartboard Activities -

6. Kent Schools Interactive Whiteboard -

7.  Smart Technologies - - search this site for lessons that have been already created.


Hotlist -

Information -

Interactive websites - - by subject

Early Childhood Site - -


















Technology Lessons

Growing with Technology - - Great Technology Activities for different grade levels

FBI Internet Safety Tips -

Learning. Com - - easy interactive technology lesson, graphing, drawing, presentation, ethics

















Enrichment Websites

1. National Geographic Kids - Lots of fun games for kids

2. Would You Survive??????????

Colonial Interactive -

Jamestown Interactive Adventure - - Would you survive?

3. Create a Jungle - - Interactive art website

4. Magic School Bus Games - - Science enrichment

5. Netsmartz Kids Games - - Internet Safety




























1. Insects - - cute for grade 2













Creative Writing

Biography Creator - - Excellent resource for writing biographies














Area and Perimeter

1. Area and Perimeter - – Several activities - great for the SmartBoard too

2. Math Playground - - has many good math activities

3. Shodor Interactivate: Perimeter Explorer Learn the relationship between perimeter and area. A shape will be automatically generated with the area that you choose. Calculate the perimeter of this shape

4. Shodor Interactivate: Area Explorer Learn the relationship between perimeter and area. A shape will be automatically generated with the perimeter that you choose. Calculate the area of this shape.

5. Video – Area and Perimeter - -

6. Area AND Perimeter Challenge - – allows children to calculate both on a single shape.
















United States Geography Games


1. USA Games - -This site has many interactive US geography games.

2. Geonet Games - - This is a question and answer game to help you learn about the United States.

3. Puzzled States - - This is also a timed states quiz.

4. Know the States - - Place the states where they belong!





















Internet Safety

1. Bad Guy Patrol! [ Kids ] - Teaches kids to spot bad guys on the Internet by playing four fun games. After each level is completed you receive a flag. When you collect all four flags, you get a certificate, Great grade 3 activity

2. CyberNetiquette Comix [ Kids ] - Teaches lessons about online safety using popular Disney characters. Join Mickey and the gang for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips. (Grade 3 – Little videos – requires reading – but cute

3. iKeepSafe Kids [ Kids ] - Teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children with online stories, games and activities. - Click on watch video

4. PBS Kids: Get your Web License [ Kids ] - Answer all 10 questions about surfing the internet correctly and you may print yourself a web license.

5. Privacy Playground [ Kids ] - Teaches kids how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators by playing a fun game with the three cyberPigs. –

6. Safety Land [ Kids/Teens ] - Help Captain Broadband fight the nasty character by learning about safety and security while surfing the Web.














1. Cyberbullying Quiz -
2, Hector’s World – Cyber- Bullying


3. Grade 5 Video - Cyberbullying -


















Search Engines

(Disclaimer - These search engines were chosen because they are as safe as possible for children. However all children should be supervised when using a search engine for their personal safety)

1. -


2. Enchanted Learning -


3. Ask Kids -


4. Wikipedia. -


5. Wild Animals Online -


6. BBC Home Animals -




















1. BBC – Bitesize – Click on Helping Plants Grow, Life Cycles, and Plants and Animals for different lessons

2. The Great Plant Escape – cute -

3. (Whole Group) Kind of a Whiteboard Activity – Click on Whiteboard Interactive Activity 1 for the first lesson -

4. Crickweb Interactive Plant Activities -

5. Wonderville - Click on the Satellite – then Interactive Games – Then Photosynthesis

6. Kind of a Hotlist for Plants -
























Constitution Day

1. Constitution Center – Interactive Timeline ( - Fabulous interactive timeline with sound to present the history of the Constitution. This site is appropriate for grade 4 and 5 and possibly 3. This would be a wonderful activity to use with the computer, TV, and Mimio. Check out the Bill of Rights game too.

2. Scholastic News -

(Younger children)

3. The US Constitution - This is a free movie!!!

4. Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids –K-2 - - A cute and short explanation for K-2 students of what our government is.

5. Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids –Gr. 3-5 - - Basic and cute page led by Ben Franklin explaining why we needed a set of rules (Constitution) to bring the states together.

6. Cute Schoolhouse Rock Video - - Constitution Song

















Grade 1 - Simple Subtraction

1. Ambleweb Subtraction Machine - Choose a skill level, type the answer, and then check for correctness.

2.  Are You a Math Magician? - Select subtraction.

3.  Beginning Subtraction - Visuals and explanation - good for whole class activity.

4.  Bowling Subtraction - Bowl down pins by answering subtraction problems.

5. Subtraction - From the Little Animals Activity Centre

6.  Math Facts from Harcourt School - (K-3) Content available at the site: Addition and Subtraction sums and differences to 10, 12, and 20; Multiplication and Division facts to 5, to 10, to 12. Verbal instructions are included and students can select timed or untimed. (30 facts)

7.  Sum Sense (Subtraction) - Students practice single digit subtraction by dragging numbers to complete the sentence.

8.  Take it Away - Practice subtraction facts.

9.  Test the Toad - Add or subtract numbers from 1 to 15 by clicking on the numbered person.







Energy Quest - A great site with information, games and more!

U.S. Department of Energy for Kids -This kids page from the DOE has great information for kids.









Balancing Act:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            






Simple Machines

Edheads-Simple Machines Join the robot to see what kinds of simple machines can be found in your home and tool shed.

Brain Pop-Simple Machines Take a quiz or see a movie about levers and inclined plans at this site from Brain Pop. Without a subscription, you can only log in and watch the movies 1 X per day.

Inventor’s Toolbox-Simple Machines Simple machines makes work easier to do and all the machines shown in this site have been used for centuries.

Simple Machines-The Foss website has a great activity for simple machines and more!

Simple Machines Game   Create simple machines by gathering all the necessary parts with Twitch