Classical Music in the Classroom


Classical Music And Classroom Management

by Michael Linsin on August 27, 2009

What associations do your students have when entering your classroom? A chaotic, noisy, or frenzied experience will increase tension, encourage misbehavior, and negatively affect attentiveness.

The very act of walking into certain classrooms can trigger feelings of restlessness in students. Think of a Walmart store on the day after Thanksgiving. Chaotic situations cause people to behave poorly and do things they wouldn’t normally do.

In the midst of restless energy, students are not ready for learning, and teachers have an uphill battle before the day has even begun.

Classical music is an easy way to start building positive associations with entering the classroom. As soon as students hear Bach or Vivaldi wafting from the doorway, they know it’s time for learning.


But it’s not something you do just once in a while. It must be done every day in conjunction with a specific morning routine.

Put the music on as soon as you arrive in the morning and listen while preparing for the day. It will put you in a productive mood and remind you of the feeling tone you want to promote in your classroom.

Never let your students forget that your classroom is a place for learning. Besides having a potent calming effect, classical music is a perfect reminder.


Some of my personal favorites (on Pandora) include:

The Piano Guys

Lyndsay Stirling

2 Cellos 

Dallas String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet