Classroom Policies



Please be sure to notify the school of your child's absence either by phoning in, or sending a note. If you know in advance of a pending absence, please let me know so that I can put together work for your child. It is not always possible to put work together during the school day. You must send in a written note upon your child's return to school in order for the absence to be excused. Students with 3 or more unexcused absences will receive a note from the office requiring a parent signature.

Students are required to make up all work missed due to an absence. Students have 2 days to complete work missed due to an absence. Individual adjustments on assignments may be made at the teacher's discretion. If your child is absent due to an illness, he or she may need extra attention from you in order to get caught up on assignments missed. Your child most likely has a given number of days to get the work done and turned in. If the illness is prolonged, you may call the school for assignments. Please allow time for assignments to be put together.


Late Arrival/ Early Dismissals

Any child arriving after 8:00am will be marked tardy. After 8:15am the student will be required to go to the front office for a pass. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT INSTRUCTION STARTS PROMPTLY AT 8 AM. ANY STUDENT ENTERING THE CLASSROOM AFTER 8AM WILL BE MISSING INSTRUCTION AND INFORMATION THAT IS NEEDED FOR THE DAY. Also, please send a note in with your child, or E- Mail, if your child will be leaving school early. This way I can try to put together any work that they will be missing.


Homework/Agenda Policies

Homework is due the day following the assignment unless otherwise specified. Students will be allowed 2 days for each day absent per Broward County guidelines. Agendas must be brought to class daily. IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO WRITE DOWN ALL OF THEIR ASSIGNMENTS IN THEIR AGENDAS.



Broward County School Board policy requires that at least 2 conferences be held per school year. The first one can be scheduled at open house, and the second one typically takes place in the Spring. Additional conferences can be requested on the report card envelope, through a written note, by phone, or by e-mail. Conferences will be scheduled for either 7:30 am or 2:15 pm. If you are unable to keep a scheduled conference, please call or e-mail me in advance. If I am unable to keep a conference, I will notify you as soon as possible.



If you would like to volunteer in our classroom, you must complete a volunteer application PRIOR to doing any volunteering. This includes helping out at class parties as well as chaperoning on field trips. The application can be accessed at

This application must be filled out again each school year. 

Birthday celebrations

We are happy to celebrate birthdays, but please keep it simple. Anything you send or bring in (store bought items only) will need to be shared in the cafeteria during our lunch time. Please do not bring in any drinks, balloons, candles, or party bags. Please come directly to the cafeteria if you wish to celebrate with your child.