Helpful Webpages

Where Do I Find Information? 



A dictionary gives the definition and spelling of a word. A thesaurus gives words with similar meanings to your word (synonyms) as well as words that opposites (antonyms).  This site not only contains a dictionary, but a whole bookshelf of reference works as well. A dictionary/search engine for words and it can even search in over 400 languages 

RhymeZone: A dictionary for finding words that rhyme. 

Merriam-Webster Online: The language center provides access to the collegiate dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus. In addition, visitors may play word games and learn about the Word of the Day. 

Newberry House Online Dictionary: Allows you to search by word or phrase. It is an excellent reference for younger users or for those learning English. 

Wordsmyth: There is an option that allows you to find a definition without knowing the exact spelling of a word. 

Fact Monster: A complete reference tool with dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, encyclopedia, and atlas. 



An encyclopedia gives detailed information about a wide range of topics. 


KnowPlay:   This site has a wide variety of information. 

How Stuff Works: A busy site loaded with information. 



An atlas has a collection of maps. 


National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers: great site with maps of the U.S. and the world 



An almanac has specific facts and statistics. 


The Old Farmer's Almanac: Site contains features from the publication which has been in print since 1792. Weather forecasts, weekly wisdom, gardening tips, etc. 

Infoplease: An almanac, encyclopedia, and biography reference site. 



A biography has information about someone's life. 


Biographies for Kids: Short biographies of famous people from all walks of life who are known for leadership. 

S9 Biographical Dictionary: Type in a name and get facts about that person. 



These sites can be useful for homework and projects. for Kids: You can get answers to tons of questions and also has reference tools mentioned above. 

Kids Know It All: Fun site with games and links to best sites for kids by subject. 

Kidspace@The Internet Public Library: Kids can learn about any subject, play games, find search engines, and reference tools. 

Awesome Library for Kids: Links for every subject and some nice extras. 

The Beehive: Homework help for all subjects. All about the U.S. goverenment and elections. 

KidsClick: Web search for kids by librarians that gives lots of info.