Morning Work

Morning work is a VERY IMPORTANT part of our day. It sets the tone for the day, and transitions the students from home mindset to school mindset. 

Morning work consists of both Math and Grammar Minutes.
 "The focus of the Math Minutes is math fluency- teaching students to solve problems effortlessly and rapidly." The content is a mix of already known material and brand new material. Through constant exposure to new material, and continuous application of mastered skills fluency can be increased. The program provides practice in the following areas: fractions, time, angles, story problems, graphs, division, long division, figures, multiplication, standard and metric measurement, perimeter, area, and volume, addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction of decimals."

" The main objective of the Grammar Minutes is grammar proficiency, attained by teaching students to apply grammar skills to answer questions effortlessly and rapidly. The program provides practice in the following areas: sentence structure, capital letters, nous, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, subjects/predicates, prefixes/suffixes, abbreviations/punctuation, and prepositions."

There are some very important things to keep in mind with regards to morning work:

1. Morning work IS GRADED!It is a completion grade. Only 25% weighted. 

2. Coming to school late affects the student's ability to complete the morning work assignment. We begin morning work promptly at 8:00 and go over together at 8:15. 

3. If ABSENT, student will make up the morning work from the days missed as time allows in class.