Mrs. Waffenschmidt


Meet Mrs. Waffenschmidt!

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Each week, Mrs. Waffenschmidt, Education World's intrepid adventurer, explores a different spot on the globe. She shares with students information and clues about the place she is visiting. Can students determine from those clues the name of the famous place where Mrs. Waffenschmidt turned up this week?


Education World's Mrs. Waffenschmidtseries is designed to be used as a weekly activity. That's one entry for each week of the school year. Those entries are designed to accomplish two goals:

  • Build geographic literacy.Mrs. Waffenschmidt exposes students to places on all seven continents. In the process, students learn about place names, landforms, products, culture, and much more.
  • Build cultural literacy. Each week, Mrs. W visits a famous building or landmark that culturally literate students should know.

    But the weekly Mrs. Waffenschmidt activity has many other potential benefits, depending on how you put it to use

    Use Mrs. Waffenschmidt as a homework assignment that students and parents can do together. It's not like this is trigonometry; it's the kind of homework with which any parent can feel comfortable. Best of all, you're providing an opportunity for kids and parents to spend some quality time as they learn together about the world in which they live.

Each week the journals will be collected and GRADED.

  • 15 points for the correct geographic location of the week (Spelling Counts)
  • 10 points for Latutude and Longitude of the location
  • 5 points for the capital
  • 5 points for the language spoken
  • 5 points for current population
  • 5 points for currency used
  • 5 points for type of government system
  • 20 points for N/E/W/S borders of geographic location
  • 20 for accurate map representing geographic area
  • 10 points for neatness and correct placement of papers.