Mrs. Jennifer Kanefsky 3rd Gr. Everglades Elementary

Welcome to our week!


Math FSA 4/24 and 4/25

Monday 5/14 Mother's Day Celebration in class 8:15-9:15 ish

5/18 Career Day


5/21 Volunteer Breakfast 


5/24 3rd grade to the Palm Beach Zoo and Science Center Arrive

*at school 7:00am.

*Pack lunch and a snack

*Wear bathing suit under Field day shirt and shorts.

*Towel for water splash pad.


5/31 Honor Roll Assembly 8:15


6/4 Dad Kickball game Weather Permitting starting at 8:15am


6/6 Early Release LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!


Reading/Language Arts/Spelling/Vocabulary:

It's Titanic time!


Each year our classroom completes a thematic unit on the Titanic. We bring all subject areas into our unit; Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Reading. Our novel is I survived the Sinking of the Titanic. Here is the book summary fromt he Scholstic website:


"People said it was unsinkable. But when the Titanic slams into an iceberg in the middle of the night, 2,229 passengers face a terrifying life-or-death situation. Among them are 10-year-old George Calder, his younger sister Phoebe, and his young but wealthy Aunt Daisy.

The year is 1912. George and Phoebe are sailing back to America with their aunt on the largest and most beautiful ship in the world. During the voyage, George explores the ship, learning about its maze of rooms and secret passageways. Although he gets in trouble with his Aunt Daisy for his exploits, that doesn’t keep him from trying to find a mummy in the storage room. While there, George meets a dangerous stranger and hears the sound of the iceberg ramming into the Titanic.

He runs back to his room to discover that Phoebe has disappeared. George and Aunt Daisy search for Phoebe while the rest of the ship’s passengers begin to realize that the ship is sinking with only enough lifeboats to save a fraction of them. After George locates Phoebe, he helps his aunt, sister, and two friends escape from the ship’s hold. However, George is turned back from getting on the lifeboat. His new friend Marco helps him jump clear of the ship, and they are rescued, after a freezing ordeal, by the Carpathia.

This compelling story brings to vivid life the swift and deadly sinking of the Titanic as seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy."


We will also be reading Non-Fiction books on the Titanic, watching documentary clips, viewing the current wreck site, and working out the math logistics of having so many people on a boat. Our unit will end with students writing letters as if they themselves were on the fated voyage. The collection of previous year's letters can be found in the hallway in our Titanic Museum. 


There is nightly Newsela homework. Your child is to do at least one article a day, time is given in class as well when I can. I have been letting the children into the classroom early so they can work on computer assignments if they choose to do so.  Any assigned article can be chosen (from the binder) as long as one is being completed each night. Each article should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Once all assigned articles have been read then your child is finished. If they choose to complete more than one a night that's ok too. 




We will practice the prefix/suffix in class and homework consists of Sentences, Alphabetical Order, and drawing an Illustration to show the meaning of 2 words. This is due on FRIDAY! The tests are also on Friday so it may not be wise to turn the homework in early, what will they study from? :-) The students get this assignment on Monday.  Budget time as your family needs. Some families complete all in one night, others a few minutes each day. Do what works best for your family. This is turned into the bin every Friday morning.



We have started our getting ready for 4th grade Math practice in class.

Social Studies: 

We have returned to the area of Social Studies. This unit will focus on the Government. We willbe discussing: Why Government is important? How are people governed? the Three levels of Government. Local Government in Florida. How do People affect their communities?, as well as what makes a Good Citizen.


Mrs. Waffenschmidt: 


Where will Mrs. Waffenschmidt go this week?  Mrs. W is assigned on Monday and not due until Friday. Please budget time accordingly. Time is afforded to students in class as well. is where you can get the paper to print out that gets glued into their notebook. The map is for them to find and print out at home. 

Current Events: 


Science Current Event (life Science): DUE 4/26

Late current events will no longer be accepted, please budget your time accordingly.