Mrs. Jennifer Kanefsky 3rd Gr. Everglades Elementary

 Welcome to our week!


I have created this website with you, the parent, in mind. I want you to be informed as to what my expectations are as well as well as what is going on in our classroom. I have included many links to other websites I feel will inform both you and your child. 


  This is a year of growing independence. You can help foster this growth by encouraging your child to establish a routine of laying out their homework folder and agenda, emptying the folder, and giving you papers to sign and/or school notices. Once HW is completed, agenda signed, and notices taken care of, encourage your child to re-pack their folder and backpack. 


Oral reminders (which your child may fondly refer to as nagging) will help your child gain independence this year. Often, when a child does not have a completed HW assignment with them at school or has left a textbook at home, it seems to be because "their parents didn't pack it." Help your child understand it is their responsibility to be prepared for school, not yours. In our very busy households they can learn to be independent enough to make sure that they have what they need for school. 


There is a wonderful feeling of pride for a child to show their parents how responsible they really can be! Thank you. 



Make a list for them to check that they: 
* eat a healthy breakfast 
* have completed their homework (and return it to class) 
* bring a healthy snack 
* bring lunch or lunch money 
* bring a sweater (it gets cold in our room) 
* bring glasses if needed for school 
* bring any necessary materials 



What to expect from our classroom.....

1. A positive, exciting learning environment

2. Vocabulary/Spelling Tests every Friday (this is the day homework is due).

3. Reading Comprehension Tests every Friday. These tests are open-book.This will assist each child to get in the habit of reading back into the passage to find the correct answer. This is a great test-taking skill. We will work on writing complete sentences for our answers. This involves restating the question when beginning the answer. Grammar and conventions are a part of a complete sentence!


4. Mrs. Waffenschmidt due every THURSDAY.

5. Math tests at the completion of every chapter. This will occur about every couple of weeks.

6. All student work that is graded for the week will be returned to your child on Friday in his/her Friday Folder.  If there are D or F assignments, they are to be corrected, and that assignment needs a parental signature.


Those D & F corrected papers are to be handed back to me on Monday in the Friday



7. Study guides will be given prior to a science or social studies test. It is essential that the students complete these guides and study from them.


Reading/Language Arts/Spelling/Vocabulary:


Our  story this week is the Trial of Cardigan Jones. We will be discussing what makes a story a Fantasy along with Asking ourselves; Why are courts so important to our Government system. We will focus on the skill of Author's word choice as well as inference.


There is nightly Newsela homework. Your child is to do at least one article a day, time is given in class as well when I can. I have been letting the children into the classroom early so they can work on computer assignments if they choose to do so.  Any assigned article can be chosen (from the binder) as long as one is being completed each night. Each article should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Once all assigned articles have been read then your child is finished. If they choose to complete more than one a night that's ok too. 


Spelling/Vocabulary: Prefix Pre-


We will practice the prefix/suffix in class and homework consists of Sentences, Alphabetical Order, and drawing an Illustration to show the meaning of 2 words. This is due on FRIDAY! The tests are also on Friday so it may not be wise to turn the homework in early, what will they study from? :-) The students get this assignment on Monday.  Budget time as your family needs. Some families complete all in one night, others a few minutes each day. Do what works best for your family. This is turned into the bin every Friday morning.



 Chapter 1: Whole Number Operations. Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000 ; Algebra: Number Patterns; Round to the Nearest Ten or Hundred; Estimate Sums Chapter; Estimate Differences  Mental Math Strategies for Subtraction;Use Place Value to Subtract ;Combine Place Values to Subtract; Problem Solving: Addition and Subtraction


We will be starting the Nature of Science this week. We will focus on the Scientific Process, Domain specific vocabulary, science tools, and safety.


Mrs. Waffenschmidt: 


Where will Mrs. Waffenschmidt go this week?  Mrs. W is assigned on Monday and not due until Friday. Please budget time accordingly. Time is afforded to students in class as well. is where you can get the paper to print out that gets glued into their notebook. The map is for them to find and print out at home. 

Current Events: 


All about America! Event must be happening in the United States of America. 

Due Thursday September 6