When students, even young students, have the opportunity to reflect on their learning, be an active participant in graphing their own data, and set goals with timelines, it can be very powerful and result in increased academic gains. Often, data collection is seen as the job of the teacher and, therefore, is confusing and mysterious to children. Much of the data collection is, in fact, the responsibility of the teacher, but this packet includes simple graphs primary children can monitor on their own with minimal teacher support.


Every Friday in  class your child will receive a 3•2•1 reflection form. On the front will be a reflection on their learning for the week. It will ask what 3 new things they learned this week, what they still believe they need help with, and finally a question that they would like to ask. 

On the back side will be a blank line plot for each subject. Here they will take their week's worth of work and plot the data. This is beneficial for two reasons: first, the students take ownership of their grades and can see the big picture of how they are doing overall, second, they can develop a personal goal for where they would like to see improvement made.This paper will go home each Friday for a parent signature, and be returned the following Monday.