Developing as a Professional Educator

Reflecting back on the CTSP Self-Assessment to my Professional Goals:

I have continued to make progress towards my goal throughout the CTI induction program and have developed new goals as well. I have improved with data collection and learned that not all students are willing to be a part of the process, so data collection needs to be creative at times. In regards to my initial and final CSTP surveys, I have strengthened in the areas of understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning, assessing students for learning, and developing as a professional educator. I will always continuously improve in all areas of my profession, however, I would like to increase collaboration with other teachers to ensure that we are properly organizing subject matter for student learning and planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students. Our current "push in" model can be difficult at times because people believe the RSP teachers to be "experts" in all content areas. Collaborating with the other teachers will allow us to fill the gaps and allow me more prep time for the more difficult assignments.

Goals Beyond Induction

My goals beyond induction are to continue educating myself on the various curriculums and to continue to learn new strategies and tools to use in the classroom to help support my students. With the "push in" and co-teaching models, it is important for me to have an understanding of the different curriculums so that I am able to better assist my students with learning the materials. I want my students to be able to understand the materials over time, as opposed to cramming for upcoming tests and forgetting what they studied. I plan on continuing to educate myself through peer interactions, conferences, research, and of course, basic trial and error. I will assess the progress of my goal through the lesson changes I am able to create and implement in the various classrooms I support. 

Staying a Connected Educator

To remain a connected educator throughout my career, I will volunteer for school and community events. This year, I have attended numerous dance concerts, choir performances, sporting events, and chaperoned a few dances. I have also spent more time in the Brea community. I can also stay connected with co-workers and peers through social media groups. I am a part of a few social media groups on various platforms. I can also attend various conferences to gather a larger professional network and continue to attend the other department's PLCs.

Sustaining the Energy 

I plan on sustaining the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning by separating my personal and professional lives. This will allow me to keep the stresses of work at work and the stresses of home at home. I have found that separating the two worlds have decreased my stress levels and allowed me to "reset and refresh" for the next day. I also have a folder inside my desk where I keep student notes, drawing, etc. that students have given to me throughout the years. When I am having a rough day, these keepsakes always bring a smile to my face and remind me of why I do what I do. 

Reflective Coach

"Ms. Kennon is skilled at collaborating with general education, special education, and support staff to provide individualized instruction to students on her caseload as well as those in need of academic intervention. Mathematics is an area of expertise and she is an asset to her school site and students because she can provide targeted intervention and mathematics instruction to students. Ms. Kennon is very professional in her interactions with colleagues, students, and families.  She is knowledgeable of special education best practice as well as personable and connects well with her students and their families."

-Ashley MacGavin

for New Teachers

Teaching can be very stressful. It is important to learn how to prioritize tasks and realize that not everything needs to be done right away. Avoid taking work home every day and make sure to have "me time." Also, you want to be consistent and firm, but it is okay to make changes along the way! Be patient and never forget why you became a teacher.