Developing as an Educator

Reflecting Back on my Professional Goals:

Long-term goal

    My professional goal this year was to get students involved with their own assessments and goal setting.  I believe that if students set their own academic goals, they are more likely to work toward those goals each and every day.  Also, having students get involved with their own assessments provides them with immediate feedback so they know what they need to do next time.  Providing students with assessments before a project or writing assignment improves their work because they know exactly what is needed to earn a passing grade.  In order to acheive this professional goal, I had planned on using Data Binders.  Data Binders was new to me, so I had conduct some research to make sure I was using them in a way that was useful and supportive for my students.  Most of my students enjoyed the Data Binders because they were able to continually review their goals and reflect on their work to determine if they were meeting their academic goals.

Areas of Strength

  After comparing my initial assessment to my final assessment, I noticed that my areas of strength are developing as an educator and creating and maintaining effective environments.  Every day I am researching ways to be the best teacher I can be for my students.  I want them to come to school every day, excited to learn and participate.  I believe I build strong relationships with my students, and I provide them a safe environment to try their best and know it's okay to make mistakes.

Opportunities for Improvement

  After comparing my initial assessment to my final assessment, I noticed that my areas for continued improvement are providing opportunities for students with special needs and English Language Learners.  Throughout my three years of teaching, I have only had a handful of English learners, and they were high achieving learners.  I know there will be a time that I have to work with students who don't understand English, so I need to improve my teaching to help them achieve their goals.


Quote from Administrator                  Connected Educator                        Energy to Stay Passionate                                                                               

"You teach with passion while relating                                       One way I can remain a connected                                      To sustain the energy it takes to stay positive

with your students and understanding                                      educator throughout my career is                                        about my students, teaching, and learning, 

their needs academically, mentally,                                            by learning new skills and strategies                                   I must take time for myself.  I will set time

and physically."                                                                               to help my students be successful.                                      aside to do something that takes my mind off of

"Your students demonstrate their                                               Another way I can remain a connected                              work so I can recharge.  Another thing I must do

respect for each other's learning, and                                       is by communicating with other educators                        is manage my workload. I must determine       

their respect for you."                                                                and visiting educator blogs.                                                  what needs immediate attention, and what can     

                                                                                                                                                                                                              be pushed to another day.                                                           

Advice to New Teachers

The advice that I have for new teachers entering the profession is don't be afraid to ask for help.  It's normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, or lost.  There are many educators out there who have felt the same way, and they will be able to point you in the right direction.  Also, this will help you build relationships with your colleagues.  Another bit of advice I have for new teachers is to never stop learning.  There are always new, exciting, and engaging resources that will help your students succeed.  Don't be afraid if you aren't sure how to implement the curriculum; researching new ideas will help you, and your students, in the long run.