Family Literacy Corner

                  Family Literacy is families reading, writing, and working together to keep literacy alive and well in our homes. it is very imortant and helpful to read to our children at least once a day, our choose a couple nights out of our busy week  to have a family reading night. This helps our children understand the importance of literacy and helps them greatly in school because what they learn at home is what they take to school with them , right?

As a pre-school caregiver i know how important literacy is, so when children are in the class i have reading circle about three times a day. I do this at circle time, rest time, and right before children get on the bus. This is one of their favorite times out of the day, i love how excited they get when they hear about Dr.Suess or Humpty Dumpty! its so cute to see their faces light up when it comes to their favorite parts of the stories, they shout with excitment and know the words!