Informational Text 

Informational Text Anchor Chart 


PURPOSE To give information about a topic or explain a concept, to communicate facts and information


1.  Main Ideas are the topic's most important ideas. 

2.  Details support or tell more about main ideas.

3.  Text features offer clues to main ideas. 


1.  Cause and effect

2.  Compare and contrast

3.  Problem and solution

4.  Chronological or time order 

5.  Description


Text Features

1.  Heading and subheadings

2.  Table of Contents

3.  Captions

4.  Graphics (charts, diagrams, illustrations, tables, photographs

5.  Boldface or italic type

6.  Headings and Subheadings 



1.  because, as a result, required, improved, first, second, then, includes