Latin root words

Latin Root Words


Latin root words are the basis for many words in English. Knowing the origin of words can help you define unfamiliar words. 

For example, the Latin root port means "carry". Knowing this meaning can help you define words with this root, such as transport, which means "carry from one place to another". 

Other Latin roots include dict, ject, and terr

dict = say

ject = throw

terr = land 


Greek and Latin word parts often give clues to a word's meaning. For example, the word promote contains the Latin or Greek word part pro-, which means "forward" or "before". The Latin word parts com- and con- both mean "with" or "together". 

The word conversation means "a talk between two or more people."  If you know that con- means "together", you can use that information to help decode the word and infer the meaning. 


Example words are contrast, propel, compress, companion, progress, and community. 



Latin word parts often give clues to a word's meaning. You can confirm a word's origin by looking it up in the dictionary. These word parts often come at the beginning of the word and add meaning:  sub- means under or near and super-means above and beyond


Examples:  superstore, supersede, suburb, and submarine