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I am in the process of assembling a guide to the rules of English grammar and the principles of professional and academic writing.  Periodically, I will be posting updates, commentary, and thoughts on this Web site.  Please check back regularly to catch the latest news and updates.

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***If, anywhere on this Web site, I have deviated in the heart of writing, straying from the rules that I so passionately expound on, please forgive me.

**Please, if you cite my Web site, do so as such:

JohnJohn. "JohnJohn's Education Web Site."  (Date Retrieved ______________________).

If you fail to provide the proper reference, I probably won't know (and even if I do,  it is unlikely that I will do anything about it).  But, for the sake of academic integrity, I would appreciate your taking the time to write a  citation.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the Web site.