Welcome to Florida Memorial University, home of the FloMo Lions! We are the Kindergarten graduating class of 2033! I am so happy to meet each and everyone of you and I can't wait to create some of your greatest memories with you this year! We will put the learning first in all that we do and we will also keep the learning fun! Lets elevate each other as we make this a year of successful learning. - Ms. Johnson


Favorite Quote:  ‘The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.’ ― William Arthur Ward


Educational Philosophy: The significance of developing an educational philosophy is to allow one to formally express their own thoughts and ideas surrounding education. It prepares you to become a successful teacher and prepares you for educational career and future. An educational philosophy help’s one to be able to stay aligned with their own visions and expectations. It helps direct our paths and allows us to produce the most effective environment for children to succeed at the highest level.  My philosophy of education is one that is unique. I am naturally a nurturer and I thoroughly enjoy the smile putting on a student’s face. I believe that student’s should be taught in a way that maximizes their full potential, while allowing them to be themselves. In my teaching’s I like to make the work relatable, enjoyable, and attainable for all students, honing in on their skills and maximizing their time by making the content sticky, incorporating bite-sized directions, closing the loop and checking for understanding.  


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