Student Space

Welcome Student!


It is expected that you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner for school. I believe in being respectful towards people and the classroom contents. I expect you to act responsibly and complete your assignments. I expect you to take responsibility in your choices.

You need to bring your student planner that you received at the start of the school year. I expect you to use the planner daily. You are asked to record the class activities and homework for all the subjects daily. The planner also contains your hall passes that are used by the team. Without the planner you will not leave the room except in an emergency.

Homework is given on a daily basis and is expected to be completed in a timely fashion. I will accept late work; however I will not take any late assignments after each midterm.

If you are out of school due to an illness or other reason, you must see me for make-up work. A good time to do this would be during homeroom or after school.


Grading Scale:

100-93 =A

92-85 =B

84-75 =C

74-65 =D

64 and below =F

To visit the gradebook, visit Skyward.|68|&NodeID=69