Digital Media Projects

Over the course of this semester I have completed numerous assignments that I have been useful and helpful in the classroom. Below are a few examples of my completed assignments this semester. 


Unit Plan Presentation: I am a Scientist!


      This is a presentation that acts as an overview to the unit. This will be helpful when first introducing a new unit. This technology utilized an online resource, NearPod. NearPod acts as a sort of global collabrative learning environment for students and teachers. There are various content areas and presentations available on NearPod. This allows teachers and presenters another alternative to powerpoint. 


I am a Scientist! YouTube Video


      This is a visual representation that acts as an introduction to the five senses. This technology can be utilized when using the concept of a flipped classroom. My target grade level is kindergarten, so this is a video that parents and students can watch together at home and then come to school the following questions with questions and maximize instructional time. For this video I used a microphone, iMovie, and Non Copywritten images and videos. This may be too advanced for kindergarten students to complete on their own, however creating something like this as a class may be something that would be very innovative and engaging!