This has been a very informative semester for me, especially with my development in Educational Technology. There have been so many pieces of information that I have learned throughout this semester. There were so many resources that I utilized this semester. Previously, I mainly incorporated websites like BrainPop or Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Now, there are so many different pieces. What I really liked learning about and adding to my little pocketbook of resources, I really like using the virtual and augmented reality. I found this to be so much more stimulating for students and engaging. I have also been student teaching this semester and incorporating some of these tools into my lessons. My students really enjoyed the Discovery VR app becuase it enabled them to see animals in their natural habitat. They enjoyed moving the screen to see the sky, the ground, and activities they saw the animals are doing. I like the versatility of virtual and augmented reality! I saw this as something that can be used across the board for all content areas. I'd like to learn a lot more about coding through sites like Scratch. This was by far the most challenging aspect of the course and I struggled to complete. Although I did struggle, I figured that this would be a great extension tool to use for upper elementary grades like third and older. In the classroom, the use of technology was really limited. They had Chromebooks for every student, but the teachers really did not know how to incorporate web-based programs. I would have really preferred to have been taught strategies that help students that are struggling. A lot of the activities that that are included throughout the semester seems to be extension activities, because generally districts have a curriculum that explains what you should be doing and where you should be. Incorporating the technology can sometimes prove to be a challenge for all students to meet, yet the resources and tools we have learned about this semester can really act as an extension that can be made optional for students who want to know more. I feel that a hybrid classroom may be too developmentally advanced for grades Kindergarten through Third, but Fourth and Fifth grades may get more out of this. I really think that in a growing age of technology, having different online tools will be more encouraging and make learning more relevant in students' lives!