Syllabus & Class Rules




In this class you will be studying the ancient civilizations of the world.  We will work through history exploring each civilization and their impact on the world we know today. Projects, tests, and in class participation assignments will be given regularly.


Topics Covered-

  • Geography
  •  Ancient Greece
  •  Mesopotamia                                          
  •  Ancient Rome
  •   Origins of Christianity
  •  Ancient Egypt  
  • Ancient Israel                                                                                                             
  •  Ancient India                                                                                                                  
  •  Ancient China                                                                                                                
  • Imperial China
  • The Americas



By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Define what makes a civilization
  2. Recall characteristics of many civilizations
  3. Describe how achievements in the past have shaped today
  4. Work in groups with fellow students successfully

As the year progresses, we will be adding other goals, many specific to the civilization we will study. 


Materials you will need for this class include

  1. 2x Pencils or Blue/Black Pens
  2. Eraser
  3. 3-Subject Notebook (Wide-Ruled Preferred)
  4. Pencil Sharpener
  5. Loose Leaf Paper with a Folder



Assessments will be announced within the week of the test, and an overview of the topic will be given.  Exams will be based on the material we have covered in class, in class notes, homework assignments, and participation projects.


Grading Policy/ Procedure

Each day, please check the assignment board and write your assignment in your planner. 

If there is an illness or excused absence, it is your responsibility to get the work from me.  For excused absences, you will have 2 days (from the day you come back) to complete and turn in the work. 

If for some reason you cannot complete an assignment by the date given, please come and talk to me about the problem.  Remember, SOME POINTS ARE BETTER THAN NO POINTS!!!



Class Rules-

While in this class every student is expected to:

  1. Follow all class and school rules at all times.
  2. Be respectful of all persons, property and beliefs
  3. Be on time and be prepared for class every day


*Consequences for disruptive, non-compliant, unsafe, disrespectful or prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to, time-outs, classroom relocation, write-ups, detention, parent contact, loss of participation grades, individual behavior contracts, disciplinary assignments or removal from the class at the discretion of the teacher.



Each student that enters my classroom is expected to maintain respect with ALL individuals in the room.  Respect means that you are saying appropriate things, raising your hand to speak, not interrupting others, cleaning up after yourself, keeping your hands to yourself, completing assignments, following posted classroom rules, and showing what a great person you are.  I will NOT tolerate picking on others/ harassing others.  In an instance that respect is not maintained, you will need to stop the behavior or you will be asked to leave and go to the office. 


Classroom Policies

  1. Students are responsible for following all school and classroom rules and following all school and class procedures.
  2. Students are responsible for having ALL required class materials each day.
  3. Any and all work not conforming to the instructor designated format may incur a grade penalty and/or be returned ungraded.
  4. Students are responsible for having and keeping class notes/notebooks current and up-to-date as they may be graded or needed at any time during the year.
  5. Student notebooks may be left in class but the instructor assumes no responsibility for student notebooks. Additionally, notebooks left in classroom bins must be marked with the student’s name and hour. Notebooks left in class after June 1 will be discarded.
  6. Students not following directions or causing any type of disruption during a test quiz or during a student presentation will loose points from their work or receive a zero.
  7. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ask about and make up any and all missed work or information presented regardless of the circumstances.
  8. Students are responsible for accessing the class website every day to check for updates and must be able to access classroom on-line resources. If students do not have access to these sites they are responsible for informing the instructor and accessing it in class.
  9. Late assignments will receive partial credit as per school guidelines and all missing work must be turned in by the end of each quarter. Additionally, any alternative assignments must be done by the end of each quarter. Any work not turned in by the end of the quarter will receive a 0.
  10. The instructor reserves the right to assign alternative assignments to replace any missed classwork or assignments.
  11. Not all assignments given to students will be graded and entered into the grade record. The instructor reserves the sole discretion as to what assignments are given and are recorded.
  12. Students will have at least three days warning before a test but may be given pop quizzes or assignments in class as reinforcement exercises.
  13. The availability, requirements for, and distribution of any extra credit is at the discretion of the instructor.
  14. Any students/parents that desire an alternative assignments or accommodations due to religious, personal or other circumstances must make arrangements with the instructor prior to the assignment or test due date. Students requesting specific classroom or class work accommodations must provide a doctor’s note or associated 504/IEP information.
  15. The instructor reserves the right to change, suspend or add any policies, procedures, rules or requirements as school policy, federal and state law or academic or safety needs require.


Social Studies General Media Viewing

As part of the Social Studies curriculum your students’ teacher may wish to include video presentations in their daily lessons. This content may include re-enacted historical events or battles, news footage, documentaries, short clips from You-Tube contributors, movie clips or news stories that relate to the curriculum or explores current events topics. These video presentations are edited for topic and age-appropriate content and are edited to exclude any profanity or sexual content. Additionally, any portions of feature length movies are taken from the TV (edited) versions of the movie. Presentations may however include content that exceeds G-rated films, come from news footage, show intense historical reenactments or relate to controversial current event topics. Below is a list of sources that these presentations may be taken from:


History Channel

Discovery Channel

Science Channel

Education Channel

Broadcast Television Programs

Cable Television Programs

Broadcast News Programs

Cable News Programs

Public Broadcasting Service


Nova Series

Connections Series


Watch Mojo


Crash Course Videos

National Geographic Channel

Cosmos Series

National Archives

Feature Films (TV/Edited Versions)

You-Tube Contributors

Florida/State Education Departments

US/Foreign Governments

Educator/Student Created Presentations


US and Foreign Documentaries

Teacher Ed




Audio Content Notice: Classroom activities may also include audio only sources that include, but are not limited to, podcasts, publicly broadcast radio stations or historical/cultural music selections.


Caregivers are encouraged to contact me if they have any questions or concerns. I am happy to meet with any caregivers to further review this information, provide you access to classroom video presentations and answer any questions. By signing this form, you are giving your permission for your student to view this footage. Viewing this content, while informative, is NOT mandatory and students are always given an opportunity not to watch a video with no effect to their grade.





Student/Parent Class Information, Expectations and Media Viewing


Parents and Students,

Please print this page, fill in, sign and return this document as an acknowledgement that you and your student have read, understand and agree to the information, expectations and requirements presented in this document. Returning this form will give your student credit for their first assignment in the class. If you have any questions, requests or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Student Name (Print): ______________________________________                Hour: ____________


Parent Signature: _____________________________________________,


Please contact me with any questions or concerns, I look forward to an amazing year and think you for your time, support and the chance to have your child in my class. – Ms. Garcia