Whole Mind Learning Institute

   This is a learning theory for a individualize student which wants to excel in their own Holistic learning style.  The neuroscientic brain dominance theory of right/left, whole brain systems are diagnostically employed.  The Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner are also part of the Whole Mind Educational Theory.  This can be a home schooling process or just a tutoring service for the concern parent.  The founder and director Joyce Diane Schulz MAed has been a retired public school educator for over 30 years in the public schools.  She has created a curriculum design that helps all learners achieve a higher level of proficiency in their academic studies.  All of the instructional activities are to achieve a balance approach to learning style of each student.  Whether private or in a group, each student has a portfolio from diagnostic surveys, which informs the teacher what a student strengths and weakness are in their learning capacity.  Specialized curriculums are designed for this purpose.  Unfortunately the public and private schools do not implement these techniques for optimal learning in their curriculum design, so the different learner may be struggling due to no fault of their own.  Overcrowded classrooms, student teacher ratio, lack of individualize support, disruptive classroom procedures, all contribute to a student's inability to learn well. 

Please give us a message at Joyceds@live.com or call us at 951-8526369 for an consultation appointment for your free trial of this new learning design, and watch your student excel in all directions. A balance mind is a whole creative person in all walks of life.  We have programs for all ages including Adult education and Senior citizen programs.