About Me

Autobiography                Lakotiya, Ho Waste Win emaciyapi na Wasicuya, Julia Miller emaciyapi. Ite Magaju Tiospaye hemantanhan. In Lakota, they call me Good Voice Woman, and in English they call me Julia Miller. I come from the Rain in the Face extended family. I was born on Cheyenne River Reservation and it is where I am enrolled. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the middle child but was raised as the eldest daughter. I have had many experiences helping my parents with the younger siblings but, there was also a time where I volunteered to do the Lakota classes in the local head start for the children. I would volunteer a few hours a day and I enjoyed it. I also, assisted my siblings with their children and at times babysat for friends. I enjoy children. They seem to be some of the easiest people to be around.In 2004, I had my first job working in a BIA school. I worked with K-12. I enjoyed this experience, but through this I realized I wanted to work with the younger children of a similar age group. In 2009, I was sought out by a ECH Educator whom asked me to be their assistant in a Lakota Immersion setting. I agreed, and I have loved it ever since, for the past 2 years I have been with the same program. After first becoming the teacher assistant, I eventually became the lead teacher through the first half of the first year. Although it was a struggle, I have come to find a passion in bringing back the Lakota Language because through the language is a cultural perspective and a way of seeing the Lakota in a natural sense.I will continue to be a Lakota Immersion teacher until maybe I am pointed down a different path. I will continue to help the Lakota find healing and a voice, ca Lakota Wicohan kin lila tecihila. (because I really love the Lakota Way of Life)