Ms. Graves Class Rules & Information



Students taking this course are expected to:



1.                  Participate in all discussions, projects and assignments.


2.                  Read all textbook and outside reading assignments.


3.                  Complete at research paper or project every six (6) weeks in which he/she takes a position on a historical issue and defends it with evidence and explanations.


4.                  Students will keep a journal.  When they enter class journal topic will be on the board for them to respond too.  All journals will be collected different times to make sure that the students are keeping up with their journals.  If the student is absent they simple will enter in their journal on that date absent and have me initial.


5.                  Complete homework assignments.  Will have at least two (2) days complete all homework assignments.  If you do not turn homework assignment on time then the first day after due the following consequence will happen:

a.       Five (5) points for the first day late;

b.      Two (2) points for every day every day there after


6.                  Utilize library resources and technology effectively to complete assignments.


7.                  Demonstrate knowledge of current events as they relate to the content.


8.                  Attend class in compliance with the school district attendance policy. 


9.                  Pass quizzes and tests at the minimum proficiency level. Pass district wide examinations at the specified level of mastery.




Excellent                                 94-100                         A

Above Average                       89-93                           B

Average                                   80-88                           C

Unsatisfactory                         0-79                             Fail


Students may be evaluated using various techniques not limited to but may include testing, examination, research papers, projects, homework, class participation and other written electronic assignments.




  1. During test any individual caught looking at another students test will have their test as well as their friends tests picked up and will receive a zero on the test.  KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN TEST!!!!!


  1. Anyone caught sharing homework will receive a zero, this goes for both parties


  1. Bring all necessary materials (books, paper and pen or pencils with you to class)



  1. No food or drink in class that includes candy and gum, except water.


  1. Any plagiarism caught on any papers will result automatic failure of that paper.


  1. If you are not in your assigned seat working on your journal when the bell rings and do not have a pass when you enter, you will be considered tardy.


  1. Students will at all times face forward in their desks with all four legs of his/her chair on the floor.


  1. Do not rearrange any of my desk!


  1. Detentions must be served from 6:30 am -7:30 am Monday through Thursday.





You will receive automatic detention for the following:


1.                  Out of uniform.  Entering the school without proper attire.


2.                  Distraction or disturbance of any type in the classroom


3.                  Getting out of your chair without permission.  Exception: Fire or Fire Drill.


4.                  Moving another person’s chair or desk


5.                  Destruction of any items including but not limited to decorations, and all other items valued under $2.00 property.


6.                  Taking food or drink into the gym.


7.                  Being in the gym without adult supervision.