General Class Info and What is Layered Curriculum?

General Class Information.

7th Grade

Earth Science

“No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety and well-being of others.”

“Do what is expected.” “Do the best you can.”

Julie Nelson


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Welcome to 7th Grade!

Expectations: 1. Come to class prepared

  • planner
  • pencil
  • science binder
  • reading book

2. Be in your seat working on Entry Task by the start of class.

3. Follow daily expectancies as given.

Grading: Assessment points will be determined by demonstrated level of mastery of state standards.


Tests 60% Grading Scale: 93 A 77 C+

Assignments 40% 90 A- 73 C

87 B+ 70 C-

83 B 67 D+

80 B- 63 D

Make-up Work: Students have one day for each day of excused absence to complete missed work.

Re-doing Assignments:

On an individual basis and at the discretion of the teacher, a test may be redone if the student did not master the content or skill and the student has demonstrated sincere effort to prepare for the test the first time it was given (all assignments must be turned in). In order to retake any test, a student must submit a written request for the retake. The request must be written on the original test and must be signed by the parent/guardian. The request must include steps the student will take to learn the content or skill. Students must re-do the tests on their own time, not during class time, and must be completed within one week of the test being returned to the student.

Extra Credit. Occasional extra credit points may appear on assignments and tests, but I do not offer extra credit assignments.

7th Grade Earth Science

Mrs. Nelson


Telephone: 509-222-6600


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To create a student account: All user names, passwords and codes are case sensitive. Passwords cannot match or contain the user first or last name.

Passcode: The access code is: PHSCBN07NTENEST

School is Desert Hills Middle School, Zip Code is 99338

Daily Schedule Wednesday/Assembly

1st Hour 8:00-8:48 1st Hour 8:00- 8:38

2nd Hour 8:52-9:38 2nd Hour 8:42- 9:19

3rd Hour 9:42-10:28 3rd Hour 9:23-10:00

Prep 10:32-11:18 Prep 10:04-10:41

LUNCH 11:22-11:52 5th Hour 10:45-11:22

5th Hour 11:56-12:42 LUNCH 11:26-11:56

6th Hour 12:46- 1:32 6th Hour 12:00-12:37

7th Hour 1:36- 2:28 7th Hour 12:41- 1:23

What is Layered Curriculum?

Layered Curriculum allows the student to take control of their own learning by allowing them to choose how they learn, how they demonstrate that knowledge, and what grade they earn.  With Layered Curriculum, students are given a menu (calendar) from which to choose their learning activities.  The menu (calendar) is broken down into “C-level”, “B-level”, and “A-level” sections.  Each level contains a list of learning opportunities and the number of points each activity is worth.  Students begin on the “C-level menu (calendar) choose an activity from a list for the topic of that day.  Once they have completed all of the “C-level” assignments, they may move onto the “B-level” and choose a “B” activity from the list.  Finally, students move on to the “A-level” and choose an “A” activity from the list. By completing the “C” work, each student should meet the state standards, earning a grade of C. By completing the “B” and “A” work, they are mastering the standards, earning a B or an A.

All students have the same deadline to complete the menu (calendar), the day before the test. Each assignment has individual due dates, but all assignments in a unit are accepted until the day before the test, with the exception that no more than 2 assignments may be turned in in a day. Exams are given at the end of the unit.

I teach students by daily lectures, lab activities, group activities and group discussions. While some students may work ahead, they are still required to participate in the daily lessons.   Informal assessments are done on a regular basis (once or twice a week), and a formal assessment in the form of a written or performance test is given at the end of each unit.