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My Quality Sources and Therein

Here is a list of sites I found helpful in my teaching and engagement purposes for my students in no particular order,

First is an excellent resource to show what is happening during an event in other parts of the world and then you can add based on your knowledge or show something else that was happening during a topic you are teaching,

Second I found Youtube, a great resource for video and audio recordings of historical sources as well as interviews by people that may have lived an event.

Lastly I chose a grouping of sites, JSTORE, World Cat, Bottom of Wikipedia, BOOKS! The first two are primary source archives of different documents, will need an account, bottom of wikipedia page usually has sources as well, another good place to look, when all else fails well written, researched books, You can use quotes from any source of media HOWEVER, like any of the above you have to look into and research what is being said and transmitted and you need to preview and look at the academic that created the work that was published, just as there are hair brained articles on wikipedia so are there hairbrained academic texts with no basis in anything, just because it is published does not mean it is credible!

Herein lies an account of how each source or tool was used

For videos, Showing something is better than explaining it outright 1 picture worth a thousand words and all that. For readings, be dramatic read it as it is written not as Ferris Beullers History teacher, live the event from multiple angles dont just spew dates and trivia if you arent impressed and excited, children will not be either. 

Resources I found that were on CTI's site that I would maintain

For resources for engagement and distance learning,

Padlet: A fantastic tool that the kids enjoyed many activities like map creation, picture walls, Great medium for teaching outside the box, 

Quizzizz: A tool kind of like Kahoot but I found it to be more customizable and also abit more indepth for what you can do. Very good for making recall fun and competitive.

Mentimeter: A very customizable source that can function like kahoot, or a maintainable record, powerpoint, It also had the ability to use media in the program for a question or test with some difficulty, it seems to have much promise but it was in a beta stage of testing when I used it so it was limited and changing with feedback, from the time I used it till the last time I used this tool it had undergone changes. Which is nice because it means someone is reading feedback and adjusting.

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