Tuesday 09/26


Day 1 Powerpoint 


Thursday 09/28

Day 2 Powerpoint

Axis Cheat Sheet


Tuesday 10/03

Day 3 Powerpoint 


Thursday 10/5

Day 4 Atrial/Ventr.


Tuesday 10/10/17
Day 5 (AV Blocks)


Thursday 10/12/17
Day 6 Junctional 
Complete 2nd attempt on NHA by Monday night 11:59pm


Tuesday 10/17
NHA Proctored Exam Attempt #3
Review Strips and Rhythms
Project Assignment
Vital Signs


Thursday 10/19
Patient Ethics and Treatments
Strip Assignment Review


Tuesday 10/24
Project Presentations. 
Contiune Law & Ethics

Thursday 10/26
 Stress Testing/Holter Monitor
Strip Quiz


Tuesday 10/31
Final NHA Practice Attempt done in Class Proctored
Review of material ( Class focased review)
Final EKG Skills Day


Thursday 11/2
Final Exam