Mrs. Beebe's Art Class

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Hey guys!

On this page you will find:

  • Messages from me 

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  • Art videos

  • Museum tours

Do your best, read carefully, and follow the directions. Take your time and have fun.

I hope I get to see all of you soon!



New Icons - Free Download, PNG and SVG Drawing videos/Every Mon, Wed, & Fri a new video is live-streamed at 3 pm on youtube Make yourself a cartoon character Make a Tessellation Make a Mandala


Human Form Step-by-step on how to draw a nose Step-by-step on how to draw lips Step-by-step on how to draw eyes Step-by-step on how to draw a face Step-by-step on how to draw human figures with the correct proportions


New Icons - Free Download, PNG and SVG How to Shade Basic Forms How to paint with coffee How to Draw Disney Characters How to draw hands How to draw feet How to draw comic book style How to shade comic book style


Virtual Museum/Zoos Tours