Weekly Assignments

I will be posting weekly assignments on this page. These assignments will also be available as paper copies at the school for pick up on Mondays as well.

May 18 - May 21

Do a Google search - fingerprint art - Have fun and be creative.

May 11-May 15

file:///C:/Users/justina.beebe/Documents/Creating%20a%20Tonal%20Value%20Scale%20USA.pdf   Creating Tonal Value with Photography

April 27-May 1

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/119697302586071215/  Draw a human from a bugs point a view.

April 20-April 24

Make Earth Day Every Day

Date: Wednesday, April 22

Grades: 4th Grade - 8th Grade

Program Duration: 45 minutes

Price: Free

Time Slots: 12:30 pm


April 13 - April 17

Create a Mythical Creature: Combine the 3 animals to create one Mythical Creature. 

                                                                animals: seahorse, armadillo, and elephant 

                                                                detail: bowling alley

                                                                habitat: rainforest

      Quick Draw: 60-90 seconds. Drawings are rushed/sketchy but creative output, speed & idea quantity increase. Great for storyboards, gesturing or character brainstorms.

    Masterpiece: 1-5 hours. Refine one fully fleshed-out wall hanger (something you would be proud to hang on your wall).

March 30-April 3

https://richdavis1.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/hand-activity.jpg  My Hand Imagination