Digital Literacy and Online Safety

Student Internet Agreement

Here is the link for the Parent/ Student Internet Agreement. Please print it off, sign it and return it to school for a cool safety prize!

Student Internet Agreement



Video #1: Online Safety

Watch the video and answer the question.

Common Sense Media

Question: Name the 5 safety tips for internet safety.


Video #2: Online Safety

Internet Safety

Question: Why is it important to NOT give out your personal information?


Video #3: Online Saftey

Brain Pop Jr.



Video #4: Online Safety

Safety "net"

There are questions throughout the video. When a question is asked, pause the video and see if you can answer it.

What is the Internet?

What is a Link?

What are passwords?


Video #5: Online Safety

Pick 3 videos to watch from this website.

Cyber Safety 

Which video did you like the best? Why?


Games for Online Safety



Video #1: Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

What is Digital Literacy?


Video #2: Digital Literacy

Technology in the Classroom

How do you use Technology?


Video #3: Digital Literacy

Kids and Digital Literacy

Why is it important to know what digital literacy is?


Video #4: Digital Literacy

Preparing Kids

How does Digital Literacy prepare our children and students for the future?


Video #5: Digital Literacy


What website do you use the most?

Do you know if your favorite website is safe or not?


Digital Literacy Games



Below is the quiz for the course. 

Directions: Use the computer to type the questions and answers, then email me your final document for a grade. The first five people that get a 100, gets to have 10 extra minutes of recess and enjoy an ice cream cone! Good Luck!


Online Safety and Digital Literacy Quiz


  1. What is online safety? 
  2. What are the 5 safety tips that everyone should know about the internet?
  3. Why is it important to NOT give out your personal information to anyone? 
  4. Why is the difference between the internet, links, and passwords are?
  5. How can you stay safe when you are online? 
  6. What is digital literacy? 
  7. How do you use technology and what do you use it for? 
  8. Why is it important to know what digital literacy is? 
  9. How can you tell if the website you use is safe or not? 
  10. How does digital literacy prepare students for their future? 



I hope that you enjoyed learning more about Online Safety and Digital Literacy!