In the Classroom

Classroom Technology Rules

Classrooms from Kindergarten through 12th grade use technology on a daily basis. It is important for every teacher to set clear guidelines for technology in the classroom. Rules should cover physical aspects, such as always holding technology with two hands, and safety aspects, such as not engaging with unknown persons online. Here are a few basic rules to help teachers get started in crafting their own technology rules:

1. Only visit approved internet sites.

2. Leave your workspace as you found it.

3. Put all tablets or mobile devices back in their correct location. 

4. Report any uncomfortable or inappropriate sites or situations.

5. Do not eat or drink in the work area.

6. Do not change the settings unless told to do so.

7. Listen to the instructor for all instructions.

We are Teachers has some fun and FREE tech rules posters you can print for your classroom!



Acceptable Use Policy

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a document that teachers, parents, and students must sign prior to use of technology in the classroom. It is important that you have a ready before the start of the school year. When parents and students sign beginning of the year documents, such as the school handbook, make the AUP part of that process.

Before striking out and creating an AUP on your own, check with the head of technology at your school or district to see what rules and paperwork they have in place. It is important that you, as a teacher, follow along with the district's policies. If you need to create your own AUP, some items that need to be included are:

  • internet searches, downloads, and browsing
  • use of phones, tablets, and watches during the school day
  • consequences for breaking rules within the AUP

Many schools are now offering full or part time remote learning. Your AUP may need to be updated to reflect policies regarding lending tablets, chargers, or MiFis to students learning at home. 

Are you working on writing your own AUP? You can download this pdf guide to constructing an AUP for your school. 

Below you can download an AUP for Employees and you download, print, and sign, and an AUP for students and parents.

Acceptable Use Policy for Students

Acceptable Use Policy for Employees