Very Important Stuff

Very Important Stuff


Students will have some type of homework every night! Homework is not always a written assignment, but may be to read their weekly story or study for a test.  It will be written in their agendas every Friday morning for Morning Work so they can get a head start studying their weekly spelling words.  Homework is often similar each week, but can change due to subject matter being taught.  Here is a basic example:

Monday- spelling assignment/math assignment

Tuesday- spelling assignment/science or social studies assignment

Wednesday- read weekly story to an adult

Thursday- study for spelling test/math assignment

Friday- begin studying spelling words for next week/read to an adult for 15 minutes


Students will have various tests throughout the year. 

Reading tests will be every Thursday. It will cover the story, vocabulary, and skills taught over that week.  Spelling tests will be every Friday. Students will write the 15 words from memory on paper.  Social Studies, Math, and Science test dates will vary.  During each grading period, we teach Science the first 3 weeks and Social Studies the last 3 weeks of the grading period. Students will receive a review sheet in Science and Social Studies two nights before the test to allow enough time to study. Everything on the review sheet will be on the test.  Please take time to help your child study.

Very Important Papers

Graded papers come home each Wednesday in their VIP folder. This folder contains their graded papers from the previous week along with their weekly conduct grade.  Please sign the VIP sheet showing you have seen their work and behavior grade.  Return the folder with the graded papers the next day.


The agenda is a VERY IMPORTANT part of our class.  All school information, homework assignments, spelling words, and teacher notes will be in the agenda.  Please encourage your child to take care of the agenda. Students are responsible for bringing the agenda to school EVERY DAY.