Classic Ideas Teachers Can Use In An All Inclusive Classroom


Ideas to accommodate a wide range of student abilities in an all inclusive classrooms. 

  • Post a daily classroom schedule.
  • Preview the schedule with students and highlight academic and behavioral expectations for each activity.
  • Leave the schedule up through the entire day.
  • Speak in a clear voice that all students can hear easily ('strong teacher instructional signal').
  • Be sure that all students can see the board or projection screen without difficulty.
  • Make eye contact with the student before giving directions.
  • Have the student repeat directions back to you before beginning assignment.
  • Use simple, clear language when communicating with the child.
  • Keep instructions brief.
  • Break multi-step directions into smaller subsets-and have the student complete one subset before advancing to another.
  • Write assignments or complex directions on the board in addition to saying them.