Tired, Hungry, or Restless Students?

I feel that we need to be just a little bit flexible in regards to students being tired, hungry, or restless.

As long as any of these situations are not consistently happening, then find a way to make the student's day a better one.

Someone is tired?

If you notice that a student is tired (for the day), just let it go.

There's not much that you can do about it.

If the child looks like he or she is about to doze off, then ask them to take a walk. 

Have them walk to water fountain or run an errand for you. Offer some gatorade or water.

Have the student take a 10 minutes snooze at lunchtime in the classroom.  Sometimes just 

closing your eyes for a few minutes really helps.

Someone is hungry?

There may be a time during the day when a student is hungry and it is not lunch time or the regular snack time.

We need to be on alert for food allergies, but there is nothing wrong with have a quick snack to rev up some energy. 

A student can easily dawdle away the amount of time it takes to eat a snack if they have low energy. Instead of wasting

more learning time waiting for a hungry student to pay attention, just give him or her the snack and move on.

May be they are having a growth spurt. May be they did not like their lunch. May be they are getting over being sick

and need their energy. If they were up late the night before, well may be they feel the pain now and won't do it again.

You know your kids, so use your judgement. Do this as long as the students are not taking advantage.

Keep extra healthy snacks on hand. Ask if parents can help supply them.

Healthy snack ideas:




Cheese Sticks

Granola Bars

Rice Cakes

Peanut Butter & Jelly on Bread (check for food allergies)

Pop Tarts


Carrot Sticks (Yes, some kids do like veggies!)

Banana Bread

Whole Grain Cereal

Cottage Cheese with Fruit



Someone is restless?  Full Moon?  

I believe that a full moon does have an affect on some people!  

I feel very strongly about doing what we can for our bodies.

I think that we need to teach student to be aware of their bodies and also how they feel physically.

Students sit at the desk most of the time. Our bodies also have their own clock.

We are all different, but there are times of the day when we run out of steam.

We are not moving around so we get tired. When we sit for long periods of time,

we are not getting enough oxygen to the brain. Our brains need oxygen and

water to function. 

Incorporate some of these ideas into your day....EVERYDAY!


Model for the students: We want to breath from the stomache and not the chest.

Place your hand over your lower stomache (belly button).

Take 5 deep breaths. Ask them how they feel.

Wait 30 seconds and do another 5 deeps breaths.

You will all feel so invigorated!

Do this in the morning, when they feel restless, and right before a subject that is late in the day.


Do some stretching along with your students but don't tell them that it is good for them.

Let them feel that it is!

Do neck rolls, bend at the knees and stretch your back.

(Don't talk about touching your toes, let them feel the stretch in the back.)

Model that the stretches should be slow and not bouncy.

Lean to one side, arm stretched over the head. Lean into the stretch slowly.

Take a brisk walk!  Get those endorphins going!

Once in a while, take your class out for a brisk walk. Go to the to track or create a track (walk around a building).

A three to five minute brisk walk can do wonders for brighening attitudes and opening minds for learning!

Drink water!

We do not have to have eight glasses a day, but water helps the body to function!

So we've got to eat, breath and move!

This is all to be done within reason!