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Summer is on it's way.  

Sometimes, students' scores drop during the summer.  Here are some ideas that may keep this from happening.

Write a letter to someone or find a pen pal, write a story, write in a journal every day. 
Visit the local library and see what activities they offer.  Access reading websites from the Riverdale library web page.  Find a great series that you like and read, read, read. 
Visit,, or to keep those math skills sharp. 
Play games on 

Read - 30 minutes a day

Writing - Finish your letters to yourself (to read after 5th grade), finish your letter to an incoming 4th grader.  If both of those are finished, write about how to fix the problem of selling food past the expiration date.

Math - no math homework tonight


Students are allowed to eat a snack after specials, something that can be eaten in 10-15 minutes. 

Healthy snacks: fruit, raisins, cheeze-its or goldfish, nuts, granola bars, fruit snacks, pretzels, baked chips, or crackers.

Not healthy snacks:  jello, cake snacks, cookies, cupcakes, candy, tootsie pops, brownies, doughnuts, chips (regular), and hot cheetos.  They may have these at lunch. 

I appreciate your cooperation about the juice and pop.  Thank you!


Important Dates

May 24     Last day of school for students



Check out these fun links

Math practice

Cool math games and the symmetry activity site are also fun websites.  Check them out.



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