Lesson Plans

Monday 9/14
-  Review expository text
-  Preview and read article "Lives of LaBelle" p.675 Language of Literature textbook

   **Advertisement assignment due**      

 Tuesday 9/15 / Wednesday 9/16
-  "Lives of LaBelle" discussion

-  Titanic Powerpoint
-  Practice annotation methods to be done while reading
"From Exploring the Titanic" by Robert Ballard p.277 LOL Interactive Reader.                                                       

  Thursday 9/17
-  Finish reading "Exploring the Titanic"
-  Receive "Passenger Information" - each student will be assigned a true passanger that was aboard the Titanic.  We will be journaling each day from the passenger's point of view.  The passenger's fate will be revealed next week.
-  Journal entry #1:  Day #1 aboard the Titanic.  Where are you going?  Who is with you?  What is your profession/class?  What do your accomdations look like?  What activities are available to you?

Friday 9/18
1.  SSR
2.  Reading Response Journal

**Notecard #1 Due!!!***