About Me


I've been the education field for 13 years. I was a special education teacher for 10.5 years now and love it!  I taught in an Oldham County Middle School for 8 years and then in a Shelby County Elementary School for 2.5 years. While in Oldham County I taught Language Arts resource class for grades  6-8 and collaborated in all subject areas, I participated in a University of Louisville reading study for students that were significantly (at least 2 grade levels below grade level expectations), was nominated as "Teacher of the Year", was awarded Best Team Collaboration Award, and was selected as a Learning Lab teacher (other teachers observed my teaching techniques), implemented Thinking Strategies, Workshop Model Instructional practices, and the Daily CAFE reading strategies. 

While in Shelby County, I was the ECE department lead,  a math, reading and writing resource teacher and collaborative teacher for reading and math.  I implemented building conceptual understanding in mathematics through the use of manipulatives, basic reading strategies,  basic reading/writing direct instruction, and Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Approach to reading and writing.  I was asked to present ECE instructional practices at the district Professional Development as a result of my students academic successes.

For the last 2 years, I was an instructional coach for Kentucky School for the Blind and was on the Administration Team.  I was responsible for everything instruction which included instructional coaching, identifying universal screeners (K-12), diagnostic assessments, and ways to progress monitor, analyzing student data to determine staff development, responsible for professional development of teaching staff, developing Multi-Tiered System of Supports and leading the MTSS Team, contact for ABRI Team, Textbook Coordinator, co-created and led the Student Voice Team, PLC lead for ELA/Math, and designed and provided professional development for staff.

As with any profession, you learn along the way through great professional development, mentors, and good ol' trial and error experiences.  No one has all of the answers in the world of education (and if someone says they do--walk away), but through professional collaboration, the willingness to listen with the intent to learn, and openess to try new things, we all can grow!