• Math courses are designed to provide students the opportunity to learn and apply mathematics as designated in the South Carolina Curriculum Standards.  
  • To print a copy of these standards visit the Horry County School District web site and click curriculum standards.
  • Math homework is important so that students can practice the concepts that we discuss in class. It is impossible to learn mathematics without doing math problems independently.


30% Tests & Projects

  • “Flying High” homework passes will be issued for any "A" on a chapter test in Math. Passes cannot be used on review assignments.
  • By the time we get to the chapter test, the students have seen the same material at least 7 times.
  • Chapter tests will be every 2 – 3 weeks.  Students are encouraged to make a handwritten 3”x5” index card to use during tests.
  • Projects will be assigned throughout the year and will count as a test grade.

30% Quizzes

  • At least once a week, we will have a quiz focusing on the previous week's homework to ensure comprehension.
  • Review homework assignments will sometimes be graded and count as a pop quiz.

30% Homework & Classwork ~ Practice makes perfect !

  • All Math work must be done on loose leaf paper or graph paper.  Fold paper vertically. Start numbering on left side and then go to right side.  Leave two spaces between each problem and only use the two columns on the page.
  • Graphing must be done on graph paper.  Students will not earn full credit for graphs on loose leaf paper.
  • All Math homework will be graded based on effort, completeness, and following the Math format. A perfect score is a "10".
  • Students must do their own work. If a student copies math homework, both students will earn a zero on the assignment and the cheating will be documented.
  • Classwork will be graded for accuracy or completion.
  • Late daily homework WILL NOT be accepted unless the student was absent.  We will review the answers in class when it is due and students will be encouraged to write down the answers.

10% Daily Math Warmup

  • Each class will start with 10 questions which can include any grade level Math concept. 
  • We will have @18 basic skills timed worksheets each quarter.

Other Policies

  • 10 points will be deducted for math work submitted in ink. Everyone makes mistakes in math. Pencils only.
  • 5 points will be deducted for work submitted on ripped paper, sloppy work or a missing name. Neatness counts.
  • Proper headings with student first & last name, the date, and the assignment page number ensure credit for work. 
  • Assignments with no name on them will be given a zero and placed in the “No Name” folder.
  • Calculators will be allowed in math class or on math tests only for certain types of problems.
  • You are ultimately responsible for your success in this class. NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOUR BEST!!!!