Mrs. Oliver's American History II


                                                                                                                     Welcome to American History II!

Mrs. Kelli Oliver

American History II
Room 262
Soar: Tuesday and Thursdays 10:25-11:05

    "The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know." -Harry S. Truman

        My goal is to teach you the history you don't know. Studying history will help you find new heroes, set new goals, and become a good citizen.
This site is designed to help you succeed in my American History II classroom.
During the year, we will learn about the social, political, and economic history of the United States, beginning with the Revolutionary War and continuing to modern times.
      I love history, and I hope that I can help you at least enjoy learning about our past.
                                                                        Who knows, you may end up teaching history some day!       


Students, any announcements I have during the semester will be posted here!

As we go through our calendar, I will be posting extra videos, links to check out and more... Stay tuned!

I will also be posting extra credit assignments here! Therefore, check back often!!

WEEK 1: Check out this YouTube video to prepare you for the first day of class. You never know when there will be a quiz...




Weeks 1&2: End of the Revolutionary War
                      Reconstruction & Western Expansion

Weeks 3&4: Industrial Age
                      Progressive Era

Weeks 5&6: World War I
                      The 1920's

Weeks 7&8: The Great Depression

Weeks 9&10: World War II

Weeks 11&12: The Cold War

Weeks 13&14: Civil Rights

Weeks 15&16: Modern Times
                          Final Exam!


Class Rules and Guidelines:

  1. I expect you to come to class on time!
  2. Come to class with an open mind and ready to learn!
  3. Once you step into the classroom, cell phones are off-limits!
  4. No profanity will be allowed in my classroom!
  5. I do not accept late homework! Please make sure your assignments are turned in on time!
  6. Prepare to collaborate with your peers; we can always learn something from each other!
  7. In return, students can expect me to have meaningful lessons prepared, to treat them with respect, and to help them be successful in my class and the future.



This semester, we will be covering an abundance of material. Please make sure you come prepared everyday
with something to write with, something to write on and an open mind!



Subjects we will cover:

Revolutionary War Reconstruction& Western Expansion
Industrial Age Progressive Era
World War I The 1920's
The Great Depression World War II
The Cold War Vietnam
Civil Rights Watergate
Modern Times Including last 25 years!



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