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Mrs. Nesmith's K-2nd VE class 
August 2012

 cute crocodile

Crocodile Pie

Crocodile Pie, crocodile pie

If I don't get some I think I'm going to die

Take away the green grass, take away the sky

But don't take away my crocodile pie!


See You Later, Alligator 

See  you  later,  alligator

After  awhile,  crocodile

Bye-bye,  butterfly

Give  a  hug,  ladybug

Toodle-ee-oo,  kangaroo

See  you  soon,  raccoon

Time  to  go,  buffalo

Can’t  stay,  blue  jay

Mañana,  iguana

The  end,  my  friend!

adapted by Nellie Edge