Mrs. Saltalmachia's Classroom

Welcome to a new school year.  I am looking forward to working with my students and meeting my parents and guardians.  I will not be assigning any homework the first two weeks of school as we are going over classroom rules and procedures and building Kagan Cooperative Learning  teams.  Cooperative learning is basically students working together, learning new things, and having fun!  Five "Cooperative Class Expectations" your child will have mastered by the end of this year are, 1. To ask for and offer help.  2. Listen carefully and praise classmates.  3. Share ideas and work. 4. Give his/her best effort. and 5. Be a good follower and a good leader. 

If your child is in my class, he/she will need a 1" three-ring binder divided into three sections, sharpened pencils, loose-leaf paper, a red marking pen, and a small pack of markers.  Construction paper, baby wipes, paper towels, tissue and white board markers would be appreciated but are not a "must."  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via our school web site or call me here at M.J.H. (845-3355).  My planning period is during 4th hour and I can usually be reached at that time.