Ms. O'Brien's First Grade Supply List

UPDATED 7-1-19



Below I have listed the supplies we will us, as a TEAM, throughout the school year.  Please don't put your child's name on any of these items.  THANK YOU!  Please see my website for more details about supplies!  Bring supplies to Meet the Teacher on August 8th so we can organize desks and community supplies.  J

1 box of 24 Crayola Crayons

8 to 10 glue sticks (or as many as you can get while they are on sale)

2 bottles of Elmer’s glue

1 package of pencils

1 box of Ziplock bags (boys= gallon/girls= quart)

1 box of tissues

1 package of colored pencils

3 composition notebooks (2 for our classroom and 1 for STEM specials)

Names on please:

2 novelty pocket folers (Nascar, kittens, puppies, sports etc.)

A backpack big enough to fit your child’s daily folder and a change of clothes.(No wheels please)

1 set of headphones (daily use in the computer lab and classroom).

Below is a list of optional supplies that will help us learn everyday.  We would GREATLY appreciate any of them!!!!!!!!

1 package of dry erase markers

1 package of washable markers

Character Band Aids

Card Stock paper (any color)

Baby Wipes