UPDATED 7-12-18


Throughout the year, we use many things to help with our learning.  Below I have listed things we could use.  As we receive what we need, I'll make sure to keep this updated by putting GOT IT next to our wished items!  Thank you for any help you can give us to make this an exciting year of learning and growing!  The ones highlighted in yellow are ones we could use right away for learning stations.  THANK YOU!


Over the summer, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and found some awesome items for the classroom.  Here is the link to the Amazon classroom wishlist I created.  I will add to it as I find more things to help make our learning fun.  I know I appreciate all the families do for our class and I know the children will appreciate it as well.  I can't wait to get 2019-2020 started!  



I would love 6 lap desks for children that would rather work on the floor than at his/her desk.  I found them to be most reasonable at Micheal's.- GOT IT



Tongue depressors (popcicle sticks) Large and small- GOT IT
File Folders 

Card Stock paper- any color

Yarn - GOT IT
Index Cards
Magnetic Tape Roll 

Magnetic letters and numbers 


Stamp Pads and  alphabet or number stamps - GOT IT
Shaving Cream 
Shipping or Address labels white and clear

Post it notes
Jenga type games to make learning stations

Old Scrabble games

Googly Eyes (All sizes)
Dry Erase Markers 
Plastic Cups 
2 Gallon size ziplock bags for our library books

Lakeshore Learning Games(The games listed below can be found at www.lakeshorelearning.com)

Look What I Can Do! Word Building Center item# RR738

Look What I Can Do!  Vocabulary Center  item# RR739

Simple Sentences Instant Learning Center item# EE188



Final E Instant Learning Center item# PP625

Sentence Building Learning Center item# TT368

Making Ten Instant Learning Center item# TT282
Number Toss Learning Center item# FF639
Sound Switch Instant Learning Center  item# EE183
Building Words Instant Learning Center item# TT827
Comparing Numbers Instant Learning Center  item# TT281



Gift Cards to Amazon,  Lakeshore Learning, Walgreens (for picture printing), Dollar Tree, and Michael's help us out a lot!

If there are special things we need throughout the year, I will add them to this page as a new item and put a note in our weekly report.